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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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What we do

BlockTech is an ambitious, rapidly growing cryptocurrency scale-up with great growth potential in a young and booming industry. The company is well funded, generating revenue and lead by veterans with multiple years of experience in finance, trading, research and software development. As a cryptocurrency trading company, we believe we can help shape the future by developing tools to improve trading and liquidity in the market.

Our Culture

We propagate a social working environment, where your hard work is just as important as your well-being. Our culture is best described as a highly collaborative culture where your efforts and work will directly shape our business in many ways. Our environment is fast-paced, expectations are high, and therefore we are very open and direct.

Our teams


Highly skilled engineers who work on our software.

The software engineers at BlockTech focus on the performance and reliability of our trading system that runs 24/7.

They continuously add new features which make our automated trading system smarter and improve our analytic tools to get a better understanding of how we are performing.

The team works with the latest technologies to ensure we stay ahead of the competition.

Quantitative Analysts

Elite mathematicians that work on our models.

The quants at BlockTech focus on the mathematics behind our trading system.

They develop and improve our pricing models, create better insights by building analytic tools and fix bugs.

The team has a great balance between theoretical knowledge and curiosity on one hand, and practical experience on the other hand.


Command-line wizzards that work on our architecture.

The infrastructure engineers build the network and middleware infrastructure to support the other teams in building performant and stable software.

This support spans from the remote servers where our software is running, to the desktops and laptops of the individual programmers.

They actively manage the firewalls, databases, physical servers, virtual machines, containers, CI/CD and monitoring.


Next-level number crunchers.

Traders at BlockTech supervise the automatic trading system and perform OTC trades.

In addition, they analyze the company's profit and loss, monitor the margin positions and track the performance of our trades.

Based on the results of this analysis, new requirements are designed for the quants and engineers to finetune the trading system.

The opportunity to do all kinds of sports during working hours like kickboxing classes, CrossFit, fitness and soccer
Delicious catered lunches at the office
Personal allowance for training and courses
Laptop and reimbursement of your internet costs at home
Friday drinks and frequent company events
A competitive base salary combined with a very attractive bonus plan based on your performance as well as the company’s results
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