About Block Markets Africa (PTY) LTD.


Wework, 80 Strand Street, City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

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Block Markets Africa is dedicated to pioneering the new world of tokenised public and private sector solutions that will help create an inclusive and equitable financial future for all market participants. We design and deploy better, smarter money by helping Central and Commercial Banks unlock the benefits of shared DLT for businesses and consumers alike.

By partnering with Commercial Banks in Africa, Middle East and Europe, we offer Central Banks, Trade Regions, and Financial Markets a new framework for debt issuance, trade, and commerce to meet the demands of a rapidly innovating world.

Whether you are trying to build a blockchain, create a currency, or issue an instrument, our team of professionals have a diverse entrepreneurial background in banking, consulting, strategy, and fintech, with experience in servicing both central and commercial banks, and other large scale operators in the public and private sector.