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Building 1, Pinewood Office Park, 33 Riley Road, Woodmead, South Africa

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WHY we do what we do
We believe that the truth lies in data; it does not have its own agenda, it does not lie, it is not influenced by promotions or bonuses. Data contains the only accurate representation of what has and is actually happening within your business.
We believe that one of the few remaining differentiators between mediocrity and excellence is HOW you use your data.
We are passionate about using technology and mathematics to find patterns and relationships in data. These patterns provide insight and knowledge about problems, transforming them into opportunities.

HOW we do it
BITanium comprises a team of IT professionals with extensive experience in the management of data, the extraction of insight through analysis and the presentation of the results to the end user.
We have partnered with “Best of Breed” technology providers that give us the ability to deliver game-changing solutions. Combining this with exceptional people allows us to deliver peerless solutions.
We partner with clients to achieve corporate objectives through consistent evidence-based strategic and operational decisions.

WHAT we do
BITanium places itself firmly in the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing market. We deliver professional services focused on customer needs rather than on technology.
Our insight into the BI sphere is that the solution architecture and underlying information engine is all-important, and that given a solid foundation, business intelligence can be deployed to all levels of decision makers in their chosen delivery mediums.
At BITanium we bring new insight into how our technical staff wants to be managed, with the result that we deliver high quality services to our customers, with a team of highly motivated and happy staff. This always translates into increased business value in your hands.

We take an approach where we have sufficient and credible technology independence. We have preference for delivering our solutions with certain technologies, because we know they work. However, customer value comes first, which often means leveraging existing technology investments to the max.
Where appropriate, we will recommend these technologies to our customers, but only when this will maximise the value that we can realise for the customer.

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