About BBF Safety



Durban, South Africa

Company Size


What we do

BBF Safety Group is Africa’s largest manufacturer of safety footwear, offering six market-leading brands. We operate from three ISO: 9001 accredited facilities throughout South Africa. Besides, we provide a variety of workwear and specialized body protection products.

Why Work For Us

Our company is at the forefront of the safety industry, providing essential products to a range of sectors. We are a well-established company, founded in 2014, with a significant market presence. We offer the opportunity to work in a thriving, fast-paced industry with the potential for growth and development.

Our Culture

BBF Safety Group is a B2B and B2C company that values health, safety, and security. We are deeply invested in the industries we serve, including manufacturing, e-commerce, mining, and medical care. We believe in providing our employees with a work environment that promotes these values and encourages professional growth.

Our Engineering Processes

We employ a range of tech tools in our processes, including Google Tag Manager, Apache, WordPress, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Analytics, and Go Squared. These tools help us maintain our industry-leading position and deliver high-quality safety products to our customers.

Our Hiring Processes

At BBF Safety Group, we are always looking for talented individuals who can contribute to our mission. Our hiring process is designed to identify individuals who share our commitment to safety and quality. We value diversity and encourage applications from all qualified individuals.