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Averly is a Progressive Web Application that uses Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience to improve the rental industry for everyone involved.

Averly is made up of a group of people who are passionate about leading the way to a better, more wholesome future and to bring a much-needed human touch to our increasingly digital world. We’re in the business of helping to change experiences and guide behavior. We’re also in the business of understanding what people need and providing it to them in the most seamless, intuitive and inclusive way.

Because one of the industries wrought with negative emotion is the rental industry, and because Averly’s founders have experience in the property business, this was the perfect industry in which to introduce Averly. And so, Averly was born as a platform that manages the rental process for tenants, agents and landlords, while guiding and incentivizing positive behavior. It turns rental from an “ugh” experience to an awesome one.

Averly helps us to understand how our behaviour might impact our lives and how it affects other people. Our aim? To lead the way to be better and do good wherever we go.

With Averly, agents and landlords can manage the entire rental process, from personal documents, lease agreements and credit checks to snag lists and maintenance support. Tenants can securely store and manage their personal documents, and log and manage inspections and maintenance requests.

Tenants apply for properties using their Averly profile which holds a score that allows like-minded agents and landlords to assess if there’s a match. Averly scores are calculated using a combination of questionnaires, surveys and behavior throughout the rental process. Scores are based on AI and neuroscience, which we also use to help everyone improve their scores and stand out from the rest.

Simply put, we’re using technology to bring humanity back into an industry that could really use a bit of love, respect and support.

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