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What We Do
At Assetforce, we revolutionise the way businesses manage their valuable assets by providing a comprehensive and integrated asset management platform. Our mission is to empower organisations with the tools they need to streamline and optimise the entire asset lifecycle, from procurement to disposal, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We offer a comprehensive platform that covers every aspect of asset management, from procurement and installation to maintenance, repairs, service checks, and replacement. The all-in-one solution for asset care.

Designed to serve companies with multiple locations and branches, Assetforce provides a centralised hub for efficient asset management across various sites.

We make it easy to adhere to regulatory standards and internal protocols, with robust reporting and compliance tools that provide real-time insights into asset utilisation, depreciation, and more.

Our platform prevents unnecessary asset replacements, with regularly scheduled maintenance checks, service history and reporting, all leading to substantial cost savings and optimal asset care.

Our Culture & Reasons to Join
Remote Working
Accessing global talent and improving work life balance.

Flexi Working Hours
Uniting teams through flexible collaboration.

Performance Bonuses
We conduct annual performance reviews to evaluate employee performance.

In Person & "Virtual" Team Building Events
As a company on a yearly basis, we split into random teams and compete in virtual games with our colleagues, this enables us to meet, greet and mingle with colleagues we don't communicate with on a day-to-day basis in a relaxed environment.

Our Recruitment Process
Should you meet the requirements for the role, we will contact you and start the beginning of your recruitment process. We follow a three-step recruitment process:

Step 1: Initial Meeting
This interview will be with HR, the purpose of this interview will be for both parties to determine if there will be a good fit.

Step 2. Coding Assessment
This is a small task that will be used to determine whether you meet the necessary technical requirements for the role.

Step 3. Assessment Review / Final Meeting
This meeting includes a review of the assessment submission and will clarify any details and requirements of your new role at Assetforce!

Remote / Hybrid Working
Flexible Working Hours
Monthly Benefits
Equipment Provided
Performance Bonuses
Collaborative Working Environment
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft Azure


Azure DevOps

Business Tools

Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Teams