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Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company and global leader in networking products and services, acquired local startup Cape Networks in 2018. As Cape Networks we had a big vision: to improve the way the Internet works for everyone. We built a small team of skilled engineers and designers in Cape Town and a product that won us Best Startup of the year from Wi-Fi NOW.

Today, our product is the fastest growing in the Aruba portfolio and our Cape Town-based team is recognized as being at the leading edge of design thinking and execution.

What do we do?
Our product gives IT managers insight into how their users are experiencing Wi-Fi, network, and application performance, and helps them fix problems before users complain. Other performance tools are complex and intimidating, built by network engineers for network engineers; ours is beautiful and simple, and our customers love it. Our sensor hardware is a delight to install and our software is easy and fun to use. Our product is used in offices, universities, banks, hotels, airports, stadiums, retail stores, and more - every business with Wi-Fi is a potential customer that we can help.

We design all our own hardware and software in Cape Town. Our software systems are built entirely in-house using Python, React, Postgres, lnfluxDB, a variety of AWS services, and other technologies. We are truly a full stack company, with a great set of technical challenges to work on.

Aruba (previously Cape Networks) offers a unique opportunity as a full-stack startup. We design our own hardware and manufacture in Cape Town. Our backend and frontend systems and software are built entirely in-house using Python, React, Java, InfluxDB and AWS Kinesis among other technologies.

Why work for us

Our core engineering team is based in Cape Town. We're increasing our team of 24 people in the short to medium term, and looking to overall double it by the end of 2020. We're looking for talented and driven people who are fun to work with. We have a lot of work to do on our architecture and core systems and we want you to help shape the company into something great!

Depending on your role, you'll be working on one or more of the following:

  • front-end development of our dashboards (React with Redux): data visualisation work, UI and UX design, graphing large quantities of data, optimising performance
  • back-end development to support our dashboards: handling big data, aggregation, caching, support real-time data streaming, scaling our systems to handle 1000s of devices reporting 24/7, API development, auth mechanisms, data analysis work
  • back-end development on device management software: handle device configs, package updates, device logistics
  • dev ops work around CI, deployment processes, managing our systems and servers
  • software development: planning and implementing new ways to test network performance, low-level device security and encryption, device recovery systems, Linux kernel work
  • network engineering: plan and develop network performance tests, set up test environments, put our tests and hardware through their paces, work with the hardware team to get the best out of our devices
  • hardware development: firmware development, digital circuit design, RF work, manufacturing and production logistics

We're excited about this space, developing cutting edge and unique solutions, and we're looking for team members who share this excitement and enthusiasm.

There is plenty of opportunity to learn and grow with Cape. We fully support up-skilling and would like all of our employees to take responsibility and initiative for their projects. Our team structure is flat and we expect each team member to work well within the team as well as autonomously.

Our engineering processes

As mentioned we are currently setting up our processes and are actively searching for candidates who can help us in this. We'd like to follow best practices using proven methods and tools, and are open to any reasonable suggestion that will improve the business. If you're a straight coder and don't want to be too involved in this, that's cool too. We have recently hired some good people who have a handle on these sorts of things.

Our team is agile and we have a fast release cycle based on getting our work out, but this period is coming to an end and we will fall into a more regular cycle of releases (although still with plenty of MVP work). We make good use of GitHub and Jenkins and we have several systems looking after our devices, including a custom package manager that handles device software releases and roll-backs.

Our hiring process

If you are in Cape Town and we believe your skills are a good fit, then we would love for you to come through and meet us. If you are outside of CT (JHB, etc.) then we will do an initial interview over a video call.

If we like you then you will be invited to spend a couple hours with us in our CT office (we will fly you down if necessary) and brainstorm and work through some problems with us. Around the same time we'd like to review any sample code you have (GitHub, etc.) or whatever work is relevant for the position you are applying for. We don't particularly believe in white-board tests, and won't be placing you into any high-pressure situations during the interview process.

If the co-founders and team are happy and you prove your technical competence then we'll get the papers ready.

Parking bay
Access to financial planning advisor
No dress code
Medical aid benefit
Provident fund
Retirement fund
6-month paternity/maternity leave for employees who have been at the company for over a year
Weekly lunch and learn sessions
Ongoing technical education
Growth and global scope
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon VPC


Circle CI


Amazon Route 53
Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps
Epic views from our wrap around windows
Our new signage up!
Two of our co-founders, David Wilson and Michael Champanis, pretending the photographer's not there.
Our interns teaching Jamie a thing or two.
The beer keg
We're hiring - reach out for a chat!
The team from Santa Clara, Berlin, Sydney and Bangalore at a meet up at our Cape Town office.

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