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No 1 Bridgeway Road, Bridgeways Precinct, Century City, Cape Town, 7441

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What we do

We're a remote-first, cloud-native company focused on providing high-quality technology solutions to businesses. Our mission is to help our customers eliminate the tedious parts of their business, and enable them to focus on what they're best at.

Why Work For Us

We trust you to make the right decisions regarding when and how you work. Our mission is clearly established, and we believe in building a high-performing culture where people are free to try new things, learn, grow, and occasionally make mistakes.

Our Culture

You'll be expected to take responsibility for your projects, reach out when you need help, and set yourself up for doing your best work. We don't expect you to have all the answers the first time (that's why we're a team), but we do expect you to apply yourself to the problems you solve, and not give up at the first sign of resistance.

We work asynchronously via Asana and aggressively eliminate wasteful meetings, but are only one Teams call away when you need help. We regularly run internal training workshops, provide access to self-paced training content, and encourage each other to improve.

Our Engineering Processes

Our tech stack is predominantly Laravel + MySQL/PostgreSQL, and we're big fans of the Jetbrains suite (PhpStorm and DataGrip especially). We use Forge, Envoyer and FlareApp in production, with JIRA and Asana as management tools - but we have a strong focus on internal innovation. We believe in constant improvement, both for ourselves and the way we work.

Our specific processes for testing, UAT release, go-live and monitoring vary based on project complexity. We stick to good principles as far as possible, but don't pre-emptively over-engineer solutions where simplicity will do.

Our Hiring Process

We'll schedule an initial 30-minute video call to get to know each-other. You won't need to bring anything to this meeting other than your (well-rested) self. If we think there's potential here, the next step is a short, open-format coding/architecture assessment: We give you a set of typical business requirements and ask for 2 deliverables - an ERD to describe the database, and a repo with methods stubbed out and commented (but no actual code).

This is to evaluate your approach to solving problems, your comprehension and attention to detail, and your ability to think outside (and within!) the box. We'll then review your assessment and make a decision on whether or not to proceed.

The next step is a short team call (30 minutes) where you'll get to meet the rest of the team you'll be working with. This is an informal, open-ended discussion that serves as a preview of the sort of people you'll be engaging on a daily basis. The conversation will start with a review of your technical assessment, but can (and will) devolve into free-form banter.

The final step will consolidate all the feedback - your assessment, the team's impressions of you, your impressions of the team - and will result in a draft offer along with the necessary paperwork to run background checks. If you accept, and the background check clears, we'll present you with a formal offer for a 1-year contract (with a 3-month probation period).

Flexible Hours
Remote Working
No Dress Code
Career Development Plan
Access to self-paced training
Regular performance feedback
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon EC2
Microsoft Azure


IntelliJ IDEA


Amazon Route 53
Google Analytics
Power BI

Business Tools

Microsoft Teams

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