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We are AmberScript, a young startup based in Amsterdam and Berlin. We are building SaaS software that enables users to automatically transcribe audio into text using speech recognition. We are creating automatic speech-to-text engines with a team of dedicated language experts, resulting in the highest accuracy on the market.

With this software, we help to avoid the costs and pain of manually transforming interviews, meetings, television shows and other audio and video to texts and subtitles. Transforming audio and video manually takes a lot of time and is very expensive. As a consequence, a lot of audio and video is not transformed, resulting in loss of information and the exclusion of the deaf and hard of hearing in society.

Our goal is to make writing and typing redundant: pens are for drawing! We aim to become the tool which makes writing abundant by automatically transforming all audio and video into transcripts, subtitles, insights, summaries, to-do lists and notes.

We strive to have the biggest positive impact we can on the world with our services. We work hard to ensure that all languages of the world can benefit from speech recognition technology. We also pay special attention to the deaf and hard of hearing, for whom our technology changes lives.

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