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amandla.mobi is an independent, community advocacy organisation that seeks to build a more just and people-powered Mzansi. We do this through our work to turn every cell phone into a democracy building tool, so that those most affected by poverty, violence and corruption; Black women from low-income backgrounds, can organise in numbers that hold power to account. amandla.mobi is a small NGO which supports a movement of 140,000 amandla.mobi members across South Africa.

amandla.mobi is a member of a network of similar organisations across about 20 different countries, and this position is intended to meet the needs of four different organisations within that network, the Online Progressive Engagement Network. OPEN is a network of 20 independent, non-profit, nationally-based organisation working on multiple issues, with differences between one country and the next, but all sharing a common set of values and a general strategic orientation. We all conduct activism using largely digital tools, like outreach on email and social media, common tactics like online petitions, calls to parliament, organising offline protests and actions, and volunteering in our communities.

Overview of the position

The Online Progressive Engagement Network (​www.the-open.net​) and amandla.mobi (​www.amandla.mobi​) seeks a full-time Web Developer to provide direct service to our organisations, as well as two other NGOs based in Europe. OPEN, amandla.mobi and the other NGOs are focused on social, economic and environmental justice. We are looking for a mid-level full-stack developer with expertise in Git, skilled in web frameworks like Ruby on Rails, and comfortable managing development operations for a few different setups of the same or similar tools.
Your job will be to contribute to the development of a suite of purpose-built organising tools developed in this global network of progressive organisations, and manage deployments for four specific groups.
We are committed to providing fair pay and a healthy work culture, a collaborative work environment, opportunities for international travel, and great opportunities to grow as a developer (including extensive on-the-job training and paired work with senior developers). Black people, women, people living with disabilities, LGBTIQ individuals are strongly encouraged to apply. amandla.mobi is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.

Opportunities to travel to conferences overseas
Hands on training and ongoing support
Join a global network of progressive developers from across the world
No dress code
Contribute towards realising social justice in our world
Work remotely
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