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AM Squared Systems is a group of professional engineers, system developers, and financial professionals working at various professional consulting firms have identified over time, a unique weakness with regards to software integration on a near real-time basis across all disciplines of a company, be it mining, manufacturing, or any other continuous production process.

Although IP (Intellectual Property) is developed by your larger Information Systems Companies such as SAP and Oracle etc., with regards to BIS (Business Information Systems) in the mining, production, and processing spheres, these IP modules very rarely interface on a near real-time basis with the financial and executive decision-making processes required by company decision-makers. In most cases, information extracted from the mining/production/processing module requires manual intervention to facilitate data conversion before successful interpretation of the data can be achieved. Only once this extracted data is converted is the decision-maker afforded the privileges of corrective action.

Practically, to implement the required corrective measures there exists a time delay before any adjustments can be made at the mining/factory/processing floor. Such time delays, once quantified, may be very costly to the company.
Simplistically the IP developed by the team at AM² allows for the near real-time integration between mining/production / continuous process data and the rest of the BIS, inclusive of financial intervention in the company. This automatic system solution bridge/interface; eliminates the time delays caused by the need for human intervention.

Management Information X-change (MIX-change), powered by Microsoft and developed by AM Squared Systems to enable Companies to have:

  • Better control over supply chains,
  • Improved control and management of their Process Plants, and
  • To ensure that assets are delivering maximum efficiencies, utilisations, and availability.

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