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What we do

We are transforming healthcare through technology. From being pioneers of practice management solutions and electronic claims switching; we have become an organisation that prides itself on integrating globally relevant solutions for maximum impact in healthcare. Our focus is eliminating technical complexities experienced in the healthcare industry. Our goal is to connect communities with simplified yet innovative healthcare, wherever they are.

Why Work For Us

Our employees are the heartbeat of our business. We would not achieve the success we do without their continued passion, loyalty and innovation. They are our greatest source of pride and always our top priority. Through teamwork we co-create and value collaboration in order to deliver wins for customers. We are inclusive and believe in the strength that lies in the diversity of our people.

We are part of the Altron Group, which is a values-based organisation delivering innovation that matters to our clients and communities.

From the moment you are onboarded into our organisation, you are introduced to the values we believe set us apart from the rest. Our values unify and motivate all employees, and in this changing world of work, provide the foundation for navigating and adapting as we continue to deliver innovation that matters. We hire, develop and promote career-focused employees who live our values when opportunities present themselves.

Our employees’ valuable inputs contribute to the direction and goals of our organisation.

We want our employees to give the very best of themselves, thus we provide:

- A values-driven organisation
- Diverse & inclusive culture
- Personal & career development opportunities
- Market related remuneration
- Hybrid work environment
- Focus on employee holistic wellbeing

Our Altron HealthTech Engineering Processes

Platform Adoption

We are a customer-centric business and our aim is to help customersquickly learn how to interact with us as we empower them. Platform adoption is not just about deploying applications within Altron HealthTech, but creating a platform where our Customers, Employees and Partner can easily onboard to produce or consume services in the healthcare space.

Cloud 1st Approach

We are not just pioneers we want to be known as the disrupters of our industry.
We understand how our existing processes and application landscape will fit into a cloud environment, and we have developed plans for how those systems are to be migrated or replaced, cost effectively and efficiently. We are partnering with Public Cloud providers so accelerate our journey to the cloud and enter into International markets.

Automated Testing

We work within an agile framework and this has led to our development teams to adopt a fully automated testing strategy. We consistently deploy automation tools that help our developers, testers and operations teams increase efficiency and productivity.

Data Driven Everything

Data Driven Everything - It's the foundation for the next wave of innovation and progress. We see data as an asset for monetization purposes. Our technology is used to analyze large amounts of data to discover patterns that will guide future decisions by healthcare providers.

Our goal is to provide access to our datasets so that healthcare providers can monetize it for their benefit.

Integration Architecture

The Dev world would not be cool if integration did not happen. We are taking disparate applications, enabling them to communicate and work together to meet with the needs of the future now.

We have defined an Integration architecture that allows seamless integration between Business of Today (Legacy) systems, our new Platform business and 3rd Party Product solutions. This will allow organizations to leverage the benefits and value of our Legacy systems to deliver Business of Tomorrow features faster than ever before.


With DevSecOps you have an opportunity to improve collaboration, speed up time-to-market, decrease expenses and increase IT security by promoting better communication between teams. We have adopted DevSecOps principles to bring together development, security and operations teams to improve efficiency, collaboration, and the overall quality of an application.

We work within an agile framework and this has led to our development teams to adopt a fully automated testing strategy. We consistently deploy automation tools that help our developers, testers and operations teams increase efficiency and productivity.

Our Hiring Process

Are you energetic and innovative? Do you have a great “can-do” attitude? Are you passionate about providing exceptional service and solutions that matter? Then you’ll be at home in our vibrant family.

Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services


Azure DevOps


Power BI

Business Tools

Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Teams
#TheKinginHeels. We say come as you are. What matters is the knowledge you share with the team.
#TeamBuilding and sharing skills while having fun.
Members from different departments joined the management team at a Business Strategy getaway to share ideas on how we can transform the business and the healthcare industry.
Annual Team Building Event
Annual Team Building Event where all our colleagues join us at our Altron head office for all sorts of fun.