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446 Rigel Avenue S, Erasmusrand, Pretoria, South Africa

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What we do

We know location is important to every organisation, be it of people, places, potential clients or business opportunities.

  • We make maps
  • We find places, people and things
  • We communicate the results to our clients

We do this by building great maps and software tools, adding 3rd party information and giving meaningful insights by summarising the patterns we see.

We deliver these answers to our clients as reports, or into their own solutions via our mapping
and analytics software platforms.

We do not believe in a one size fits all approach and as such our solutions are modular and integrated, for our clients to choose what they want or simply ask us to discover the answers with them.

Our ability to integrate our products into innovative solutions, without a dependency on 3rd parties, sets us apart.

Our Engineering Processes

The Hunters and The Archivists

First, the hunters will drag in their latest kill

The tribe will rejoice.

Next, the Archivists will carefully document all aspects of the kill.

The Mages

The prepared tomes are then forwarded to the Mages - where there will be much gnashing of teeth.

During the darkest hours, the tribe members will often hear deep moans that, to the careful listeners, might sound like "HOW do they expect us to IMPLEMENT THIS??? MADNESS I say! MADNESS!!!!".

But the Mages are clever, and they persist.
Issues will be issued, incantations will be incanted, all changes will be closely scrutinized by the Peers and those that dwell in So-Nar, and the imps of CI will be directed to build and dispatch.

Then, on one clear morning, the Mages will declare the Artifact Complete. And it will be safely stored in the Vaults of NEXUS.

The Tribe of Qu-Ality

As per the decree of the Wise Ones, the Artifact will then be presented to the Tribe of Qu-Ality.

The Tribe of Qu-Ality will then raise their Mighty Clubs of Smashing against the newly forged Artifact, for seven days and 7 nights.
If the Artifact survives, it may be presented to the Engineers, along with the Scribbles.

If NOT, the Artifact is sent back, in pieces, to the Mages. Where there will be much gnashing of teeth. And the Work must be Done again.

The Engineers

Next, the Engineers must now make a pilgrimage to the Mountains of Protoduction, dragging the Artifact with them.

The way is treacherous, and numerous Engineers do not survive the journey.

When the survivors reach the Mountains, they will attempt to install the Artifact as directed by the Mages' scribblings.
If the Mages scribbles are legible , and the winds are blowing right, the Artifact will light up and shine brightly for all in the land to see. And there will be much rejoicing.

If NOT...well then there will be much grumbling directed at the Mages by the Engineers, and the Curse of Rescheduling of Go-Live will be invoked. And even worse, if things went very badly, the Lament of Rollback will be invoked.

It is worth noting that of late, the Mages have been building new super highways with the help of the imps of CI.
Where they are available, the journey to the Mountains is effortless, and nobody is lost along the way.

Our Hiring Process

We'll send you a link to an online coding task that you can complete remotely. After checking out your coding skills we would like to meet you face to face. After getting to know you better over a cup of coffee we will ask you to complete a psychometric assessment, because there's more to you than just your coding skills!

Chill Room - have your lunch here or play some table tennis
Provident fund - do the responsible thing, save up for retirement
No formal dress code
Awesome coffee - because we know...no coffee = no code
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Apache Cordova
Spring Framework


Android Studio


Amazon Route 53

Business Tools