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Office 1F-H, The Matrix, 8 Bridgeway Road, Century City

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Afferent Software is a company dedicated to delivering intelligence and efficiency in the Payments industry. Our mission is to make our customers feel like we are their partners, that their business is our business and that we are there to make their business more efficient and more profitable.

Our focus is on building a state of the art products organisation, not on growing a huge services business with 100s of staff spending their lives onsite. Whilst we do provide consultancy to our customers when requested, it is always targeted and delivered within the existing team's support structure.

What we do

We have three focus areas:

  1. Development of Afferent Product solutions within the Payments industry - our primary aim.
  2. Development of custom solutions (primarily on the ACI Payments platform Postilion) for our customers.
  3. Provision of Payments consultancy – Project Management, Requirements Gathering, Solution Architecture, Testing, Installation & Configuration, Production Support, etc.

Why Work For Us


  • We're a small team, dedicated to helping our customers and to ensuring our employees feel respected, informed and understood.
  • We have a strong focus on innovation, with developers having the ability to get a commercial stake in products they invent and for key staff to get involved in share ownership down the line.
  • We work with big international customer names.
  • Our team has the ability to travel to the UK and US amongst other countries.
  • By joining us, staff gain entry into the Payments market which is in high demand and well paid
  • We have a flat management structure and we intend to maintain the small products company vibe, not growing the company only by consultancy.

Our Culture

At Afferent we have a start-up culture with relaxed dress, flexible working hours (with late starting at 10am) and an energising vibe but with the comfort of knowing the company has been around 10 years. We go out for lunch or have food brought in every Friday and we try to socialise outside of work too. We are focused on building our people and helping them achieve their career goals, recognising that without happy, productive staff we have no business.

Our Engineering Processes

We use a combination of Waterfall and Agile software development methodologies. Typically our iterations will revolve around a particular set of prioritised deliverables. Each release will go through a beta customer-testing cycle before being finalised.

Our Hiring Process

We start with a short Java assignment relating to a scenario that could occur in our Industry. We then do a screen call going through the assignment and your CV and also asking some people/thinking/soft-skill questions and some technical questions. Should you be successful, the next step would me a face-to-face interview with our management team.

Overseas travel opportunities
Flexible working hours, with late starting at 10am
Lunch every Friday
Parking bay
No dress code
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon EC2




Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps
One of our team lunches
We're in the heart of Century City, surrounded by great lunch spots and coffee shops

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