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3A Willow Street, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, 1619

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What we do

AEC Electronics design, produce and service a comprehensive range of electronic instruments for blasting, circuit testing and vibration monitoring. Small handheld Shot Exploders, approved digital Blasting Ohmmeter, solid state Continuity Testers, as well as Magnadet TM technology are a few examples of some of the world firsts products we have achieved and continue to manufacture (in-house) for South African Mining Industry.

Our pride and joy, our Intelligent Centralized Blasting System (IBS) provides continuous near real-time local system monitoring with remote access monitoring capabilities.

Why Work For Us

Our ethos is to use cutting edge technology to create innovative quality products for our clients. If innovation and creativity are of interest AECE will welcome your talent. We are a stable (50 years in the business) hard core Research and Development Engineering company.

Our Culture

We are small enough (and originally a family business) that you are not a number. Your contribution counts and is acknowledged. We interact both informally and formally to create a good environment for new ideas and information to flow.

Our Engineering Processes

Projects are formalised, brainstormed, concepts presented, refined, developed and prototyped. The process is documented from start to finish. Then in our industry all products must be approved by the Department of Mineral and Resources and formal testing, documentation and presentation must be successfully completed to allow the production/manufacturing and sales cycle to begin.

Our Hiring Process

Interview with HR, GM and MD, if successful followed by a trial period of a few days to meet the team, get to know the environment and make sure both the company and the potential incumbent are comfortable and ready for a long term partnership.

No dress code
Highly energised pure research and development environment
Going international soon
You will see the results of your labours in a finished product; your work will become tangible
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