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4 Verdi Street, Melodie, Hartbeespoort, 0260

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Accutrak is an electronics company that specializes in tracking and weighing solutions for the mining environment; with the resulting production data being digitized. The data collected is used to optimize productivity through state-of-the-art Information Technology.

Our Products

We currently have 4 products that assist mines with production measurements, monitoring and controls for optimum output.

Smartrail combines state of the art in-line-weighbridge technology with low power RFiD tracking technology to give you real-time accounting of your production volumes available on surface.

Minegaze is a production management system intended for use by opencast mining operations. Using unique techniques and the GSM communications network, we are able to provide detailed production reports on the tons or BCM’s moved.

Trucktrak is a production management system designed specifically for mechanised underground mining operations. Since there is no GPS available underground from which to obtain position, Trucktrak makes use of discretely distributed long life battery operated beacons to obtain position.

Accuchip is RFid Tracking solution for material cars and general rolling stock. This is a RFid solution that can be applied to various rolling stock items and high value equipment to provide proximity detection and location reporting.

Why Work For Us

We are a relatively small team which does have its advantages. You will get an opportunity to look at all different aspects of our product architecture. We have fun problems to solve which feels extremely rewarding once solutions are seen running in the field.

Our Culture

We are a team of engineers working together all the way from hardware to software. We encourage experimentation with new technologies that we can use to continually improve our products. A small idea over a quick chat has proven to have dramatic positive effects when people are given the opportunity experiment.

Our Engineering Processes

Our hardware and software is designed in-house. We have full control over our entire stack. Our hardware and software teams work together very tightly and everyone's options are taken into consideration when new development is taking place.

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