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46 Orange Street, Gardens, 8001, Cape Town, South Africa

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We work across the data value chain to answer questions that matter, and equip others to do the same. Our four key pillars of work include:

Data Engineering:
We design and build data pipelines to extract, consolidate and prepare data for analysis

Data Analysis:
Starting with raw underlying data extracted at source to performing analysis and building insights, we draw on our extensive experience to bring numbers to life

Making Meaning:
Our work drives decision-making, shapes policy and reshapes the way our clients see the world

We offer data literacy and data science training courses to help unlock the value of data

Our work focuses on sectors that hold the potential to fundamentally impact on consumers lives; shifting their risk profile, net wealth or income generating capacity. Financial inclusion is a core focus across all the sectors we work in.
Our key sectors include digital financial services, housing and housing finance, credit, labour markets, transport and agriculture.

We have the unique ability to work across the data spectrum, from big data to small, qualitative data to help our clients understand their customers and markets better. We also regularly partner with local, in-country experts to complement our team.

Our data engineering and data science capabilities strongly support our ability to help clients maximize the value from their internal data. A lot of this work focuses on building data warehouses and data pipelines to enable real-time analytics and data-driven decision-making.


Our work is highly collaborative and we value working closely with our teammates. To support our way of working, we work together in-office in Gardens, Cape Town.


We like to get to know potential candidates on a practical level. Our hiring process starts with an assignment and then proceeds to the interview phase which typically consists of 2 interviews.

Flexible and supportive work environment with a commitment to continuous learning
Opportunity to join a small, dynamic and highly engaged team that thrives on open communication
Exposure to multiple sectors
Interaction with purpose-driven local and international clients
Healthy lunch on us. Every day
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Google Apps
Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Teams
The 71point4 team at Lake Ruhondo, Rwanda in August 2022
The 71point4 team conducting an advanced training course on R for datascientists from the public sector as part of the Rwanda Economy Digitalisation Programme, February 2023
The 71point4 team conducing field research with farmers as part of the Rwanda Economy Digitalisation Programme, August 2022