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Blixen Court, Lower Plain Road, Karen, Nairobi

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What we do

We are Africa's fastest fintech company providing ethical credit services to those who require it most. We provide rapidly accessible and affordable unsecured loans with strict affordability criteria to prevent unmanageable debt.

We empower micro and small businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa to grow and succeed. This not only means access to credit, but also the skills to use it correctly. It’s why our first product blends loans with financial education.
We provide each client with a bespoke programme of business training which enables them to use the credit we provide to positively grow their business. We look at their current life and business stage to give them the relevant information to help them on their journey.
Conventional service providers see this as an insurmountable challenge. We see it as an opportunity to utilize data in ever smarter ways. Using our proprietorial machine learning system, we’ve found ways to use data from multiple sources to design credit products at scale which are optimized for segments, business risk, timescale and affordability.

How it works

The platform is designed around the customer and is rewarded with high customer satisfaction ratings. We receive a consistent Net Promoter Score above 70 - double the industry average for financial services. Over 80% of our customers are women and 75% are located in rural areas. More than 92% of customers repay on time and over 80% return for repeat business, achieving high and otherwise unreachable growth rates. We are expanding now across Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, creating a ladder of opportunity for those in most need to realise their aspirations. We’ve proven our blended training and credit service can positively change thousands of lives every day. We seek to deliver the indispensable tools to unlock the potential of a billion-strong opportunity as Africa’s fastest fintech.

Our mission

To provide instant access credit for small business growth.

Our vision

To empower individuals, businesses and markets by delivering access to financial and supporting services (financial literacy and business education, advocacy awareness and access to primary healthcare), delivering foundational change across Africa from the grass roots level.

Our technology

We are building a product that enables hundreds of field officers to reach out to small businesses via tablet and messaging services. Core to this product is a AI decisioning service that quantifies risk, engages with clients, manages field officers, explores business strategies and provides high level feedback via reporting mechanisms.
This decisioning service will inevitably take control and automate a significant portion of day to day activities in a company that is growing fast.

Our day to day

The data science team operates remotely from Cape Town with head offices in Kenya. As a result, slack communications and video calls are a critical part staying aligned with the head branch. Apart from these conversations, the data science team meets up once a week to discuss progress and work together, while working remotely for the remainder of the week.
Currently the data science team consists only of two individuals, the CDSO and a ML engineer. We are looking for individuals that can assist in scaling python flask/django applications in a product environment that can support Machine Learning functionality. We are also interested in individuals that can build and maintain dashboard applications that reports back to our strategy team. Some exposure to data analytics will be beneficial.

Our recruitment procedure

Our recruitment procedure is fairly informal. It will consist of a single face to face meeting with our CDSO (based in Cape Town) as well as a video call with our CEO and CTO (based in Kenya).

Position will require occasional traveling to Kenya, but mainly working at home
Very flexible hours
Very flexible leave policy
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