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We at 3SS deliver experiences people love. Founded in 2009, we are an acknowledged leader in system integration, software engineering, UI/UX design innovation, and solution architecture. Our award-winning 3Ready Entertainment Ecosystem enables co-creation and helps service providers to launch seamless experiences across all screens. 3Ready powers services for 17 operators with a current global user reach of 35 million and two automotive projects.

Our customers include A1 Group, Swisscom, Tele2, Allente, Proximus, TCC, Elisa Estonia, Altibox, ORS, Yes, Vodafone, Norlys, Liberty Global, SES, Eutelsat, ProSiebenSat.1, Joyn, SUPER RTL, n-tv, Blockbuster, and Viacom, among others.

Why Work For Us

Connect With Each Other!
‍Enjoying life is a worthy goal. Doing so with others, even more so. We are launching several activities to help us bridge the gaps between locations, perceived hierarchical levels, and cultures.

Grow In Your Way!
Who would not want to be the best version of themselves? To get there, each of us has to evolve and grow. We want to help you find out how you want to grow, establish a way to get there together, and assisting you on your journey!

We do good - and talk about it!
‍Not out of vanity, but with the hope to inspire others. We know that we are more fortunate than many others and try to share our good fortune. We are humbled and proud by the experiences we make while helping others.

Balance Your Lifestyle
Work can be stressful - so can private life. While we cannot help much with the latter, we aim to make the former a bit more healthy with various activities to help you get in better shape, fuel your body in a healthy way and make our rather sedentary jobs less harmful.

Build A Liveable Future!
It is nice to live long and healthy. But what if the world we grow old in, turns out to be a much less friendly place than it is now? We want to do our part to prevent that: We actively try to reduce, reuse, recycle waste, minimize our carbon footprint and help the planet to produce more oxygen.

Our Culture

We do not compromise our individual or organisational integrity - ever

We identify the right things to be done and concentrate on them

We are intrinsically motivated and constantly working hard to become better professionals

We do not sacrifice quality and customer satisfaction for the sake of a quick success

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