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: [Downloadable Report] 2024 Software Developer Salary Benchmarking Report
Less noise, more data. Get the biggest data report on software developer careers in South Africa.

[Downloadable Report] 2024 Software Developer Salary Benchmarking Report

01 December 2023, by Josh Nel

Download the report

In this report, you’ll get early access to and insights on:

  • Average software developer salaries heading into 2024
  • The best-paying industries for South African developers
  • Benchmarks for niche skills in 2024

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After one of the hardest funding years in a decade, widespread budget cuts, hiring stops and retrenchments, the tech hiring market now favours the employer.

However, this reality has not yet reached all job seekers, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that finding the right fit has become any easier. This is made even harder for many teams working with less support and tighter hiring budgets.

To help make benchmarking salary ranges easier, we’ve put together this salary report using incoming data from over 2990 South African developers who took part in our ongoing Developer Nation Survey.

Download the report

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