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How Revio made 6 developer hires in half the time with OfferZen

2 November 2023 , by Marcelle van Niekerk

When you’re first building out a startup, being able to move fast is critical to your success or failure as a business. Getting skilled developers on board to build your product is high on your priority list, but the effort to hire them can eat away at valuable time you could be spending elsewhere.

This was the challenge the fintech startup Revio faced when they needed to start scaling their team. Here’s how OfferZen helped reduce their time spent hiring.

Revio's success on OfferZen

Spending less time sourcing and reviewing applications

Revio is a fintech startup that reduces the complexity, cost, and risk of payment operations in Africa, to help merchants reach and retain more customers.

Compared to traditional hiring methods, the team at Revio saved significant time when sourcing and shortlisting developers. Before, the team spent most of their time reviewing applications and assessing quality:

“We started off by using LinkedIn for developer recruitment, which proved to be very time consuming and not the right fit for engineering roles. Anyone can apply to your job posts — there are few quality checks in place,” says Kyle Titus, Chief Technology Officer at Revio.

In comparison, he could immediately get access to the type of high calibre developers he was looking for on OfferZen:

“OfferZen is a trusted name in the local development community. This ensures that employers can find high-quality candidates on the platform.”

In addition, he enjoyed the control he had over his own hiring process to find the right people for his team:

“If you use a recruiter, you’ll again get a batch of candidates you need to filter through. On OfferZen I know exactly what I’m looking for and can find it,” says Kyle.

It also suited the rapid change of pace that is par for the course at a growing startup, and allowed him to quickly make decisions and change direction when hiring:

“In a startup you need to be agile. That’s also what’s great about OfferZen, I don’t need to tell a recruiter how we need to change our hiring approach, I can immediately adjust our requirements on the platform myself. As the priorities of our business change, I can quickly adapt and make the right hires at the right time.”

The Revio team

The Revio team

Quickly gaining access to quality developers

Several features on the platform were particularly useful when it came to quickly finding developers with the skills the team at Revio was looking for:

  • Technical filters: Kyle enjoyed the ability to filter for his exact tech stack requirements. He also leveraged keywords to search for emerging technologies, and could find developers with these niche skills on the platform.
  • Standardised profiles: All developers on OfferZen have their profiles set up in a standardised way to showcase their skills, projects, what they’re looking for in their next job, and more. This helped Kyle to get an overview of a candidate’s abilities at a glance, compared to sifting through CVs that are all differently formatted.
  • Directly reaching out to candidates they were interested in, who were all actively looking for work.
  • Being able to see developers’ availability to interview and easily schedule time with them.

As a result, Revio’s time to hire was vastly reduced, and currently sits at 19 days — even below the standard time on OfferZen of 25 days to hire.

Saving on hiring costs with a subscription

Besides saving time on hiring, Revio was quickly able to make return on their investment of buying an OfferZen subscription:

“After upgrading to a subscription, I only had to make one hire to get a return on investment, and we’ve hired 6 new team members already. That’s a great return and cost saving,” says Kyle.

After securing a $5.2 million seed funding round, Revio is actively growing their team and will be able to utilise their OfferZen subscription to make as many hires as they need.

On an OfferZen subscription, you can make unlimited developer hires and avoid paying individual, varying hiring fees for every hire.

The results

To date, Revio has made 6 hires with reduced time and effort, while being able to spend more time on parts of the hiring process that matter most to the company, which was a major attraction for Kyle in his role as CTO:

“As a CTO at a fast-growing startup, you need to take on multiple roles as the business is growing, which includes getting involved in the code, building features and solving client problems. Saving time on candidate screening and assessment was super valuable,” Kyle concludes. “The initial complexity of hiring is taken care of. I can spend time on getting to know the candidates rather than sifting through resumes. OfferZen is a great tool for a technical person that has to do hiring.”

The developers they’ve hired have played a critical role in improving and expanding their products, and speak to finding a great fit at Revio — from the initial interview experience, to working with the team:

“My interviewing experience with Revio was streamlined and engaging. I’m so glad that the OfferZen profile setup was as detailed as it was; Revio aligned on so many of the things that I was searching for. It felt like I could make an ongoing impact while learning from the people around me. In the end, it proved to be the case and I’m grateful to OfferZen for making it possible for me to find a company that met and exceeded my expectations with little hassle,” says Thamsanqa Mlotshwa, Software Engineer.

“Each day for a startup presents a new set of challenges as well as a new set of opportunities to learn. Time and time again, I have seen the members of the team rise to these challenges; each member has been as inventive and resourceful as necessary in order to address the needs of the day. It is a testament to the attention to detail that was taken in assembling the team.”

The Revio team

The Revio team

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