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OfferZen Updates: Product Updates: Power up your developer hiring
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Product Updates: Power up your developer hiring

21 April 2023, by Marcelle van Niekerk

Despite a downturn in the tech hiring market since its heights in 2021, demand for excellent talent continues to outstrip supply.

Maintaining a healthy pipeline of candidates can give you an edge on your competitors in the hiring market. From finding the right candidates to managing your shortlists, we’ve made some updates on OfferZen to ensure you’re set up to win at growing your developer team. Check out the highlights below!


Easily search for the right candidates

Know exactly what you’re looking for? Hiring teams now have further control over the skills they’re searching for in candidates, for more accurate results. They can choose to search for candidates that match all their required skills, and boost their results by adding skills that are ideal for candidates to have, but not required.


A streamlined international hiring process

It’s also easier than ever to expand your hiring pool by hiring internationally on OfferZen:

Companies are also able to search for candidates based on the continent that they are based in and view a candidate’s work authorisation status on their profile, with clear indications on whether candidates require visa sponsorship or not.

Assess candidate fit from the get-go


Companies can make a more informed choice before reaching out to a candidate. Candidate profiles now display their workplace policy preferences, between fully remote, hybrid (with preferred locations) or office-based.

By having all these details upfront, you can avoid miscommunication and wasting time in your hiring process on a wrong fit.

Never miss a favourite candidate

Companies can better keep track of their favourite candidates with our new Wednesday reminder. This email highlights all of the candidates that the hiring team has favourited who are in their last week live, but hasn’t yet been contacted. This will help remind hiring teams to reach out to a candidate before they miss their chance.

Easier collaboration and scheduling


Our new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integrations make collaboration with your team much easier, as OfferZen now integrates with most popular ATSs, including Greenhouse, Recruitee, Teamtailor, Workable, Lever and Ashby. Save time in your recruitment process by importing ATS jobs as OfferZen positions, import interview data from an integrated ATS, see the status of your linked positions, and automatically send candidates to your ATS.

Hiring processes are streamlined for companies, who can now schedule multiple interviews with a candidate at a time.

Explore the marketplace with a free trial

Want to get a sense of the available developer talent on OfferZen before committing? We’ve launched a simple self-service sign-up process for employers, whereafter you can trial our product for 7 days before choosing to subscribe.

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