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Hiring Tips & Insights: Product Updates: Developer Hiring on OfferZen Is Now Truly International
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Product Updates: Developer Hiring on OfferZen Is Now Truly International

25 January 2024, by Marcelle van Niekerk

With the move to remote work, more companies are hiring candidates from across the globe, and developers can choose opportunities regardless of zip code. That’s why our product team at OfferZen has released several changes to make it seamless to hire your tech team across borders — here’s the full lowdown!

Developer hiring on OfferZen is now truly international.

Search our entire candidate list

Previously, companies on OfferZen could only see candidates looking for work in their region. Now, no matter where you’re hiring, you can browse all candidates across Africa and Europe to ensure you never miss out on a potential match.

Search candidates according to where they’re located

You can now search using ‘located in’ as well as ‘wants to work in’ to find candidates most relevant to you.

Search candidates according to where they’re located.

Looking for a candidate near your office? Before, employers on OfferZen were limited to searching for candidates according to where they wanted to work. Now, you can also search for candidates based in your city or even your suburb.

Looking for candidates who only need to come to the office every once in a while? You can now search for candidates in your country.

Search for candidates in your time zone: To increase the size of your candidate pool, you can now search for remote candidates in countries that share your time zone. For example, if you’re hiring remote candidates from the Netherlands, searching for candidates in South Africa will provide more developers to reach out to.

Find high-quality candidates in these regions by using our expanded location search. Additionally, you can now tap into tech hubs across Africa, like South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya and in Europe, from Poland to Bulgaria.

Salary conversion when matching with candidates

No more crunching numbers and doing mental arithmetic when looking at candidate salaries. Our platform will automatically convert the currency of candidates’ preferred salaries into Rand or Euro, depending on your preference.

Salary conversion when matching with candidates.

Hire remote candidates with affordable salaries: By searching for candidates working remotely in other countries and economies, you’re more likely to find candidates that fall within your hiring budget.

Search candidates by work authorisation

No more guesswork needed to figure out whether a candidate is authorised to work in a certain country.

Search candidates by work authorisation.

Thanks to our latest update, you can now search for candidates who are citizens, permanent residents or work permit holders in your country or countries of interest with our improved search filters and updated candidate cards.

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