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OfferZen Updates: Product Update: Finding Better Candidate Matches with Elasticsearch
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Product Update: Finding Better Candidate Matches with Elasticsearch

By Robyn Luyt

With the move to remote work, companies now have access to a larger pool of candidates. Among the advantages this brings, this larger pool also makes it harder for hiring teams to identify candidates who are the best match for their hiring criteria. That’s why our product team has revamped OfferZen’s search engine to make finding the right candidate easier than ever.


With tech and software development gaining prominence in almost every industry, it has become absolutely crucial for hiring teams to:

  • Get access to a large pool of job seeking developers
  • Effectively identify candidates who are the right fit for their role
  • Carefully consider candidates who might not be exact matches but still a good fit

That’s why our product team has introduced Elasticsearch as OfferZen’s new search engine. Here’s a look at what hiring companies can expect:

Never miss out on a relevant candidate

The introduction of Elasticsearch means that company members get a wider range of candidates surfaced from the candidate list based on their search query across 6 different hiring criteria: location, role, skills, work experience, salary, and keywords.


Search results will now also bring up candidates who closely match the criteria, but may not be exact matches, to ensure that hiring teams don’t miss out on potential team members.

Easily and quickly identify the right candidate

By default, the new candidate list ranks candidates from most to least relevant based on a search query. For example, candidates that match multiple variables across the different search criteria will appear before candidates who match just a single variable word in only a few of the search criteria. The most relevant matches are marked with a ‘best match’ badge.


Hiring teams now also have the option to sort the list by salary or work experience so that they can more easily look at candidates from the perspective of a certain hiring requirement.


Experience a streamlined hiring workflow

Every Monday, over 100 new candidates are added to the OfferZen candidate list. Our latest update gives hiring teams the option to filter the list so that they only see new candidates for that week.


Last but not least, we’ve simplified the user interface so that hiring teams can search, add positions, and filter for new candidates all in one place.

Want to experience the new and improved OfferZen candidate list for yourself? Sign up or log in as an employer to get access to 100+ job seeking tech candidates every Monday.

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