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Marketplace Facts and Snacks:

What Devs Want

πŸ“† 25 April   πŸ•ž  12.00 SAST πŸ“ Online
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Want insights on what devs are currently looking for on the market?

In this webinar, with Reece Mancini (Marketplace Specialist) and Josh Nel (Data Content Creator), we’ll compare our State of the Developer Nation Report Data with our internal Marketplace data - unpacking what developers really want.

Join the conversation to dive into:‍

  • 🐍 Languages and Frameworks that developers want to learn 

  • πŸ’» Workplace policies that developers are looking for in their next role

  • πŸ’° Salaries that developers want, compared to what's on the market

  • πŸƒ Reasons why developers move, and why they stay

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Meet our speakers

Reece Mancini
Marketplace Specialist, OfferZen
Josh Nel
Data Content Creator, OfferZen
Stephen van der Heijden
VP of Community, OfferZen

Since his first job at a small tech start-up, Stephen has gained experience across Africa, primarily in building marketplace businesses. Currently, as the VP of Community at OfferZen, his main focus is on continuously making an increased impact on the global software community. He spends a lot of time thinking and reading about the rising role and responsibility of software engineering in our society, and how we can organise ourselves to build a better future.

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