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From Job Post to Offer

Lessons in finding the Right Fit

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Ready to attract and secure the right candidate in today's competitive job market?

Join us for a panel discussion, led by Stephen van der Heijden (VP of Product), as we delve into the essential steps, common pitfalls, and best practices in the journey from job post to job offer.

We’ll explore diverse perspectives in the hiring process:

  • 🦄 Lisa, Talent Advisor: Uncover what candidates are looking for during the hiring process and how to attract the best talent.

  • 🚀 Nicola, Account Manager: Discover the latest trends and strategies that companies are using to find and secure the right match.

  • 🤘 Henri, Product Manager: Utilizing data to develop a product that helps you make the perfect match.

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About the event

📅  29 February
⏰  18.00 - 19.00 SAST
📍 Online Webinar

Salary discussions are some of the most critical discussions to happen between managers and employees – but often the constraints are already set in company wide budget meetings.   

Managers who know how to advocate for their team members are better set up to navigate these budget conversations. A solid budget can make or break how satisfied your new hires and existing team members are with their compensation. To make matters even more complicated, salary is an individual experience that should be tackled on a case-by-case basis. 

Should you match a counter offer? Should team members with similar roles earn the same? Making mistakes when it comes to salary can be really painful and can cost you high performing team members in the long run.

In this event, we’ll deep dive into these challenges to set you up to win in salary conversations with your tech team.

Join the conversation with fellow tech leaders to delve into:

🚀 How to manage your salary budget and its impact on your team.
🚀 How to advocate for raises for your current team members.
🚀 How to benchmark salary according to the market with the latest insights from OfferZen’s State of the Developer Nation reports.  
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Meet our Speakers

Stephen VDH
VP Product,
Henri Kotze
Product Manager, OfferZen
Nicola Osman
Account Manager, OfferZen
Lisa Durward
Tech Talent Advisor, OfferZen
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