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Adapting to Market
Dynamics: Reversing
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OfferZen is South Africa’s largest talent marketplace that gives companies access to hundreds of job-seeking developers every month. Every week, over 200 new developers join the marketplace changing the talent pool month-to-month. 

In this webinar, Stephen van der Heijden (VP of Community), Gys Muller (CTO) and Henri Kotze (Product Manager) will look at the current ‘State of the Developer Hiring Marketplace’ and how it’s changed - and dive into how we’re adapting our product to this new normal.

Join the conversation to dive into:

  • Recap of the state of the developer hiring market: what this means for companies

  • Thinking behind OfferZen Apply and why we decided to go ahead with it

  • What’s happening with OfferZen Apply so far

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Watch on Demand

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Meet our speakers

Gys Muller
CTO, OfferZen

Gys Muller, a seasoned professional, began his career in 2009 as a Design Engineer at WeighData, overseeing mechanical design and project implementation. Co-founding Admo in 2012, he developed gesture recognition software, evolving into a framework for digital signage. From 2014 to 2016, Gys served as a Software Engineer at FireWorks Innovation, contributing to cross-functional teams in MVP creation and customer development. Since 2016, Gys has held the position of CTO at OfferZen, utilizing their extensive technical background. With proficiency in both engineering and software development, Gys brings a wealth of experience to his role.

Henri Kotze
Product Manager, OfferZen

As a strong believer in a growth mindset, Henri leads a strong cross-functional team in building the right solutions in the tech recruitment industry. He makes critical trade-offs all day, every day. His engineering background has been fundamental in his growth towards becoming a leader in the world of Product. Building on extreme ownership and strong communication skills, he is passionate about solving key problems using technology.

Stephen van der Heijden
VP of Community, OfferZen

Since his first job at a small tech start-up, Stephen has gained experience across Africa, primarily in building marketplace businesses. Currently, as the VP of Community at OfferZen, his main focus is on continuously making an increased impact on the global software community. He spends a lot of time thinking and reading about the rising role and responsibility of software engineering in our society, and how we can organise ourselves to build a better future.

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