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A CTO’s playbook: The job offer that will land top developers in 2024

📆 23 November   🕞  18.00 SAST 📍 Online
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About the event

📅   23 November
⏰  18.00 - 19.00 SAST
📍 Online Webinar

It’s no secret that developers are comparing different job offers when they are on the market for a new role. And if you want to hire the best developers for your team one thing is clear: you need to have the best job offer on the table – and waste no time getting it there.

But what exactly are developers looking for right now? And what will make your offer stand out from your competition?

Join us for an online conversation with Sizwe Ndlovu, CTO at Pineapple, to dive into:

🚀 The latest data on what South African developers want in a job offer.
🚀 How to optimise the offer process for speed as a tech leader.
🚀 How to navigate counter offers – what to do and not do according to developers.
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Watch on Demand

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Meet the Speakers

Sizwe Ndlovu
CTO, Pineapple

Sizwe is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Pineapple, one of South Africa's newest insurtechs. He is passionate about technology and people. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town.

Karin Bothma
Senior Software Engineering Manager, OfferZen

Karin Bothma is a senior software engineering manager at OfferZen, with extensive experience in software development and leading engineering teams. She currently leads engineering teams at OfferZen and helps engineering managers drive performance improvements in their teams. When she’s not coaching teams to reach their highest potential, she’s out on the trails with her Jack Russels or playing board games with friends.