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A CTO’s Playbook: Proven Strategies to Attract and Retain Senior Developers

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About the event

📅   25 January
⏰  18.00 - 19.00 SAST
📍 Online Webinar

In 2024, it will remain a challenge to hire top developers who are excited about your mission — and the competition is especially fierce for senior developers. 

In a post-pandemic world, senior developers are inclined to entertain offers from companies all across the world. Most senior developers are leaving their roles to get a better salary, and because of poor management and a lack of work-life balance. Given this, how can your company stand out when it comes to attracting senior developers? What can you offer senior developers that will help them choose your company over another? 

And what will help them stay with you for the long haul?

Join the conversation with fellow tech leaders to dive into:

🚀 Tried and tested strategies for attracting senior developers.
🚀 Creating a culture to retain your senior developers.
🚀 The latest data from our 2024 State of the Developer Nation survey on what senior developers want when looking for new opportunities.
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Watch on Demand

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Meet the Speakers

Tomislav Ravic and Sheldon Lyne
General Managers, Entelect

Sheldon and Tomislav are the dynamic duo of people leaders heading up the people function at Entelect. Ex-software engineers by trade, these two have successfully been building an engineering culture like no other; recognised by Deloitte, SAGEA and TopCo with awards ranging from Best Company to Work for through to Best Graduate Programme in the country.

Since taking on their respective roles in 2018, they have managed to succinctly describe their Employer Value Proposition (EVP) through the lore of Entelect, helped double the company size through a global pandemic (500 employees in 2020 to 1300+ in 2024) and successfully achieving single digit attrition year on year.

Karin Bothma
Senior Software Engineering Manager, OfferZen

Karin Bothma is a senior software engineering manager at OfferZen, with extensive experience in software development and leading engineering teams. She currently leads engineering teams at OfferZen and helps engineering managers drive performance improvements in their teams. When she’s not coaching teams to reach their highest potential, she’s out on the trails with her Jack Russels or playing board games with friends.

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