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About Vitamin

In a world where globally women own only 40% of wealth, we are building Vitamin to close the wealth gap one woman at a time. Our vision is focused on tailored and jargon-free financial education and intuitive tools to help women achieve their saving and investing goals. We get up every morning with a clear mission - change the world by building long-term wealth for our female users.

Starting in the spring of 2020, we just closed our first round of funding with well-known angels (90% female! 💪) and VCs. We will use these resources to deliver the first minimum lovable product, build the foundation of our consumer finance brand and build up our marketing machine.

If you are excited about our mission, building a company with positive societal impact from the early days, and you bring passion for building the foundation of our platform, this opportunity for a Senior Backend Engineer (w/m/x) is for you 🙌

Diversity and inclusion

At the core, our diversity and inclusion philosophy is simple - we are committed to hiring humans 👥

But to us inclusion does not mean being blind to differences. Instead, it means having full clarity on and embracing how every human is unique. Whatever shape, colour, identification, preferences, disabilities, views, or anything else - each is significant and relevant to make our team, culture, and company richer and stronger.

This is how we will hire humans who will bring a fresh perspective to the existing team. And this is how we will hire humans who have been underrepresented in finance and technology. Because we want to build a company where every and any human has a voice.

What you get

In the near future you will read a list of benefits here so amazing that you will probably want to cry. Maybe it will be fancy catered lunches 🥒 stylish offices 🏡 or monthly coaching 🎓. Who knows.

But the truth is that we are a startup with the first round of funding behind us and we are starting to hire the first inspiring humans for our team. So, the biggest benefit we can offer you at the moment is being part of the team that will set the foundation for this company. Being part of the team that will start closing the wealth gap one woman at a time. And so we will learn, grow, fail, and succeed together.

Until then we promise to pay you an appropriate salary and offer 27 days of vacation. A healthy work-life balance is as important to us as it is to you. That's a promise!

And when the time comes we promise to provide you with the best benefits we can. The details - drinks, snacks, gyms, coaching, and the rest - we will figure out together as soon as possible. Deal? 🤝

No perfect candidate

We strongly encourage you to apply, especially if you think you're not "a perfect candidate." Honestly, perfect candidates don't exist. So, we would much rather hear from you and talk to you to make sure we're a match.

Then together we can figure out how to best support you with further professional growth and development. Because, who takes resumes seriously anyway? ✌️

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