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What is TYSFLO?

The Internet giants helped create the commoditised the internet.
They also created a 'cheap supermarket' out of media experiences and advertising.
Brand is lost, product is lost, and the true value of video content and advertising all lost.

Distraction rules, and value is limited.
Consumer is frustrated, Experience is cluttered.

At Tysflo we’ve created a platform and ecosystem, that is transforming media destinations for publishes, content owners and brands, from a super market of media tins, into that of a super-mall of "Concept Experience Stores". We restore ownership of the distraction, and bring context to content that interests audiences. It's where audience, brand equity, and content is re-respected, whilst serving relevant ads. We’ve cracked the conundrum that’s held back the entire media industry, and valuably monetise habitual consumer destinations at unprecedented rates. We’ve build fair play ecosystem where all participants are respected. We’re the Robin hood of the Video Internet.

Wholesale tech platforms don't cut it for specific requirements anymore. Free services can't be trusted. Tysflo solves these challenges with an innovative enterprise grade PaaS cloud platform and end user environment, that brings niche audiences frontward, and restores control.

Tysflo is the first 'fair play video ecosystem' on the planet, delivered via our unique immersive video environment, and our custom built video CDN, we're busy creating the new media economy in Africa, S-America, and Asia - in fact, anywhere on earth.

We’ve cracked it. Try us, Talk to us. Join our cause.

Why should I be interested?

Do you desire to work in a young and highly dynamic startup environment, where you can lead the development of SA’s newest and leading edge video cloud service?

Tysflo is totally localized South African designed multi-tenant video cloud ecosystem, a CMS, CDN and streaming platform for hosting radio and tv content providers, brands and publishers. Tysflo offers South African businesses a world class turnkey broadcaster platform and ‘re-invented’ video player solution. Tysflo utilises the world’s leading edge design, architecture, and technologies, and Tysflo’s new localised video ecosystem enables it to stand strong and independently against any major Internet player or technology.

Tysflo is serving media owners in entertainment, sports, news, culture and lifestyle. Tysflo doesn’t break the rules set by big internet giants- it simply has created new ones that allow it to stand independently with the largest players and ecosystems, designed and positioned perfectly to meet the insatiable demand for content by Millennials.

Having developed patented technologies for our clients to broadcast and navigate video on constrained networks, Tysflo are now building a platform for the world to use.

We’re looking for a creative, talented and passionate individuals to join our company and to lead and grow the software development team to greater heights.

Our company work style:

We like to think of life as a balance between work, and fun and - working in a way that inspires the right balance between creative, delivery, happiness, and fun - in other words, work as you want to work. Deliver from a hammock if that's your sweet spot. Outside of weekly software development meetings, office hours are totally up to you.

So why work for us?

Tysflo is a ground-breaking entity, with the aim to re-envisaging the world of broadcast and are therefore building software & systems from the ground up to provide tools so that a new generation of broadcasters can reach a mobile audience, around the world - with specific emphasis on constrained networks in Africa. To do this, we're using the latest technologies such as micro services, managed API, AWS, Hetzner, RxJS, REST, Restify & NodeJs, CEPH. We are a true startup business, not bound by legacy systems. We work agile, and efficiently - whilst sticking to our core services.

Our Culture is to go against the grain, think big and develop the things that people don't yet know they need.
We encourage flexible work hours & locations, which creates room for our people to work where and when we are most comfortable working.... as long as the job gets done.

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