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935 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, California

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What we do

Trimble's Civil Design and Engineering group offers world class software solutions to the civil engineering and construction industry. We offer a wide range of products, covering the needs of owners, engineers and contractors within the civil space. Our products are integrated into the wider Trimble ecosystem, spanning both hardware and software solutions.

We serve a global audience in an expanding market. When combined, our services and solutions offer what no other company can: a full end-to-end construction experience, providing a truly connected construction environment.

Why Work For Us

Trimble is on the search for new talent to join our team. Due to our geographic, product and customer reach, there is plenty of room at Trimble for exceptional people to succeed. Consider joining an innovative industry leader and position yourself for future success.

We offer a challenging, engaging and learning environment, applying both new and proven technologies to solve practical problems that make a difference in the world.

You would join an established and welcoming team that work with cutting edge web technologies building products that serve a global audience.

Our Culture

Trimble Values

  • Coupling all our efforts to market objectives, staying centered on a clear definition of our customers and their needs.
  • Aggressive entrepreneurship and disciplined risk taking, enabled by clear strategies.
  • Brilliant innovation, driven by long-term vision.
  • Speed and decisiveness, built on precision in our thinking, planning and communication.
  • Accountability for our results, leveraged by engaged cross-company collaboration.
  • Proactive internationalism that pursues a world-wide strategy while embracing cultural and market differences.
  • An organizational environment consistent with the values of teamwork, transparency, integrity, respect, and responsible corporate citizenship.

Trimble values diversity and is committed to fostering a culture that encourages inclusion and allows for everyone to be at their best.

We have a flat, team-based structure, allowing employees to thrive in a transparent and collaborative environment. We are passionate about developing our people to become their best selves professionally, and as individuals too.

Our Engineering Processes

Our engineering process uses the Scrum (Agile) methodology which allows teams to manage themselves and take responsibility for delivering an awesome product. We have a strong focus on collaboration, and all work is reviewed with a peer before being checked in.

We follow the Agile approach of preferring working software over documentation, while still recognising the significant value of planning. Appropriate levels of functional and technical documentation are therefore an integral part of our process.

Our environment is relaxed and friendly, but we're serious about the quality of the software we ship. Our software testers are an important part of our team, and work closely with the engineers.

We rely on Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to get new features out the door, and have a fully automated tool chain to support this process.

Our Hiring Process

Because it’s such a special place to work, we’re quite picky about who we let through the door.

Step One

We connect on OfferZen

Step Two

We'll contact you to give you an opportunity to tell us a little about your programming chops in a telephonic interview. This will help us to gauge your skills and level of experience. Depending on the level of the position that you’re applying for, we may ask you to do a technical test or small coding project.

Step Three

We’ll invite you to meet the rest of the team and to talk shop. This will give you an opportunity to get a feel for our environment and culture.

Step Four

If you like what you see and we think that you’re sort of person we’re after, then we’ll offer you a position in our team. The first three months are an audition during which we’ll really get to know each other and decide if the romance should continue.

Remote Working
Internet Allowance
Medical Aid
Group Risk Benefit
Access to Trimble's learning portal
Attend global conferences
Work with cutting edge technology
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
.Net Core 2.0
Amazon CloudFront
Amazon Web Services


IntelliJ IDEA

Business Tools

Google Apps

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