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Randburg, Johannesburg

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The Sun Exchange is a startup with traction. We have been around for 18 months, and have crowd-funded 4 solar projects. We have recently had investment from both US and SA investors, and are ready to re-write our software so that we can move from MVP to scale.

The business is still pretty small - at present there are 6 people in senior roles, and a dev team of 5. The focus in the business thus far has been on proving the concept, getting noticed and getting investment. With this achieved we are ready to build a kick-ass solution to support the growing business.

We have been part of three accelerator programmes, most recently Techstars (www.techstars.com) which has really levered us to a new place. We are in the process of launching an Ethereum-based ICO which will bring more funds into the coffers.

We are a diverse, values-driven company of like-minded people, that are seeking to use technology to make a difference, and to reduce the dependence of the world on fossil fuel, while uplifting communities and providing a return to our customers.

We have a largely open-source stack, including node.js, react, typescript, graphql, and blockchain (specifically solidity smart contracts on ethereum), plus some work in the bitcoin blockchain.

Our hiring process is pretty simple: we start with a half hour skype call, and follow it up with a 2 hour interview. The interview will cover both technical and more HR concerns.

We are in the process of forming the core dev team. In place we have key people and roles - architect and developers, BA, scrum master, QA. At present we are looking to fill out the team with a couple of additional people who have skills and capabilities where we are weak.

Brilliant team
Flexible work hours
Remote working
Change the world
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Amazon S3
Amazon EC2





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SunEx architecture
Winner - world blockchain challenge
Larry, Mo, Lisa, Abe
Working out SunEx KPIs
Lourens @ Techstars
SunEx team with investors at Techstars Demo Day

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