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HeadOffice: 4 Loop St Cape Town, City Centre, Cape Town, 8000

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What is TechNation?

TechNation was founded in early 2020. Since then, TechNation’s client base has expanded to include various entrepreneurs, startups, and companies. We have hired developers on a contract basis before, but never full-time. We help businesses thrive in the 4IR by combining cutting edge web and mobile with the best of blockchain, IoT, and app development.

TechNation Mission

Technation’s mission is to be our client’s tech ally. We help companies of all sizes and industries build meaningful and powerful tech for our clients by creating innovative blockchain, IoT, and app and software solutions to help them solve problems creatively. We use our specialised expertise to ensure our clients succeed. We do anything that needs to be done to ensure our clients’ success, from building apps and sites to consulting to strategy to design.
We accomplish our mission through the use of rapid development and the use exciting, bleeding-edge technologies.

Why Work For TechNation

Since TechNation is such a small company, we can offer what many large companies can’t...

  • Completely flexible. Things are very flexible in terms of hours and remote working. Let’s work out what works best for both of us.
  • You will never be alone. We will always assist where we can , you can always call on us if you are faced with a challenging problem.
  • You will never be bored. You will work on creative projects , so there will be a ton of interesting problems to solve.
  • Take complete ownership of projects you work on. You will have complete ownership over most of the projects you work on.
  • Check out the other perks below

Technation Team Members Must Be...

  • Think, code, and talk fast.
  • Clearly passionate about technology.
  • Enthusiastic to learn and adapt. You'll have to learn new tech quickly.

Company Culture

Because TechNation is such a small company, there isn't much of a company culture yet. But what is great about that is you can help define it. Still, there are some key principles we stand by in order to achieve our mission of ensuring our clients are successful:

  • Under-promise, over-deliver. This will lead to very successful and happy clients.
  • Testing of products thoroughly in the STLC.
  • Always respect deadlines and always deliver what you promise.

Most importantly, we are driven by our mission to deliver the quality tech to our clients in order for them to succeed.

Our Processes

  • Analysis
  • Architecture
  • Engineering & Development
  • Testing & Production
  • Expansion

Our Hiring Process

Let's have a cup of coffee and get to know each other chat about tech. I'll ask you a couple of questions and we can discuss any questions you may have. I'll explain to you some of the stuff Technation has in the pipeline and you can show me some of the stuff you've worked on. If we feel like we could work well together, we will set up a small sample app for you to build. This will give me a good idea of your coding style and thought processes. If all goes well, we can take it from there.

Flexible working hours
Work from an office, home, or from wherever
Learning the latest tech all the time.
Working on innovative products people love
Bring Your Own Device
Take full ownership of various interesting products
No corporate nonsense
You'll be stimulated working on many exciting things.
You'll take full ownership of various interesting products
Tech Stack

Application and Data

React Native




Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps

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