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What is SteelTrace
SteelTrace is all about removing friction and improving transparency in the supply chain of steel. With SteelTrace the quality manager or inspection engineer are on top of our mind and central to our strategy. We focus on making their life easier.

Digital transformation
While the world has moved to work digitally and the digital transformation is an important policy for every company right now, quality management has remained fairly analog. One important reason is that even if the process is digital internally is becomes analog as soon as it leaves the company due to the fact that company’s are data silos. SteelTrace believes that the future is platforms.

Platforms allow companies to collaborate in a standardized way. Any company connected to a platform can start exchanging data with all other companies connected to the platform as soon as they connect to it. You no longer need to make connections with each supplier and customer on the platform.

It is our mission to remove friction and improve transparency in the supply chain of steel.

SteelTrace is a platform where all parties in the supply chain of steel for the chemical and petrochemical industry can collaborate and exchange quality related data securely. Everything related to material tests, production standard and customer specifications are exchanged on the platform.

SteelTrace was founded in July 2017 by Tom Meulendijks. After experiencing the problems with the supply chain of steel first hand when he was building a solution for managing materials at MCL Apparatenbouw he got the idea for SteelTrace to solve these problems.

“I was building a tool for managing Material Test Certificates and the engineers kept telling me how they didn’t trust the certificates. I also saw all the manual labor involved in checking the data. I took a closer look at the certificates and realized that if we digitized this the right way, this could be way more secure and the checking could be automated.”

After his realization he called other companies in the same business and whenever he mentioned MTC’s they immediately invited him over. It became clear that this was an industry-wide problem that needed to be solved. Tom decided this was an opportunity he was willing to pursue. He founded SteelTrace on July 27th 2017.

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