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At Spotted Zebra we’re on a mission to rethink the identification of talent and enable greater hiring success by aligning skills, potential and opportunity. In a few clicks you can effortlessly identify the soft skills needed for success in each role and quickly deploy assessments that actually measure the skills that matter.

Our ability to deliver personalised skills-based assessments, as opposed to the one size fits all approach of generic assessments, means you can make better, faster and more accurate talent decisions.

Underpinned by cutting edge science, each and every assessment is personalised to align with the specific requirements of the role. You can now make better and more accurate talent decisions for greater hiring success.

We have a relentless commitment to building solutions that our customers love, we execute with intensity and simplify where we can, always ensuring that we deliver on our vision - to make working lives happier, easier and more productive.

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Our Hiring Process

1: 30 Minute video call (Discuss role, ask some technical questions and questions from candidate)

2: Online assesment (non technical)

3: Technical call and/or offer call

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