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SmartGrid Technologies focuses on the design, development, manufacturing and monitoring of remote communication equipment fully integrated with internally developed network management software. The communication devices use existing GSM, satellite and low power radio technology and networks. “Smart grid” is the broad terminology used for the modern approach to technical and operational management of the national, regional and domestic utility grids as well as systems within the security industry, remote machine monitoring, remote sensor stations (mainly green energy) and pollution measuring equipment.

SmartGrid Technologies operates mostly at a tier 2 level. We pride ourselves to be a leader in product development and innovation in order to provide customers with a complete solution. This involves developing customer solutions through original and innovative requirement analysis and plan making, professional project management, product design, a cutting edge product line, service and “live” monitoring.

Why Work For Us

We cannot promise a proverbial eternal working life. Life is too unpredictable. What we can offer is an interesting and educational journey in an environment where you can contribute, can excel and that is conducive to personal growth. We believe the real intellectual property of a company comes to work in the morning and leaves at night. That is fundamental.

Our environment is a maker environment with able individuals of varying skills and disciplines. Come and tell us about your projects - someone will have a better suggestion.

With us you can make a difference if you so wish.

Our Culture

In a small company with a high performance engineering/support environment there is no time for a hierarchy of decision making. We have a flat command structure with open communication channels. This makes the concept of self organizing teams very relevant. This mandate demands a more than average responsible approach from everyone. We expect everyone to be leaders. Leaders of their mandate, of the role they play in the team, of their output, of their own upskilling, their well being and most importantly of the welfare and eventual success of the team and company.

That being said - there is always coffee available, even if you have to brew the pot yourself. There is the occasional braai, we sing happy birthday to you when you bring cake, we ask each other how you are and wait for the answer. We are friendly and easy-going but adhere to deadlines. We sometimes work late to meet them. We celebrate our successes and failures. SmartGrid is a people company. SmartGrid is a straight arrow company.

We strive to make our clients raving fans!

Our Engineering Processes

Our development team is small and multi-disciplinary. There are elements of requirement analysis, system engineering, HW development, FW development, SW development, IT, testing & field trial and production. Configuration management is based on a military developed system and facilitate full traceability of development output and production. All aspects of product realization.

We subscribe to the concepts of scrum and iterative development under the Agile umbrella (even though we love our processes). There is a perpetual strive towards enhancing and optimizing the Process. This is team driven. High level tools used for operations and development are Redmine, Subversion, GIT, Testlink. The rest is application specific and between your ears.

To assist with corporate governance and sustainable output a company requires an operational system. We are an ISO9000 certified company. It is recognized by all and world class. The development process has been integrated seamlessly into this system without belaboring the Agile approach.

Our Hiring Process

  • When a requirement for a post is identified a job specification is prepared. This facilitates an orderly requirement analysis by management.
  • Suitable candidates are identified based on the information supplied on their CV. An interview is arranged.
  • Management will distill the job spec down to a set of weighted comparative parameters for evaluation. These metrics will be used to select between the candidates.
  • The interview panel will comprise of management, HR, the particular team lead, consultants and whoever is invited. The interview is free flow and each participant needs to ask particular questions in order to determine his evaluation of the comparative parameters.
  • The candidate with the best fit is made an offer.
Flexible hours
No dress code (cover most parts please)
6 monthly reviews
Enough coffee
End of year lunch complete with presents
You work with smart and interesting individuals
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