Nieuwe Gracht 3, 2011NB, Haarlem, The Netherlands

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What we are about

We have a very specific goal: help to make insurance claims effortless and fair. Your phone is stolen or you drop your laptop; these things happen and them happening is already bad enough. But, then you have to deal with the insurance. You don't know, or really care, about the intricacies of how the item is quantified and replaced, you care about getting your phone back, your laptop back, back to speaking with family and friends, back to work.

At SLVRCLD (pronounced Silver Cloud) we want to help insurers become the silver lining to an otherwise dark cloud; to ensure that household insurance works as hard to restore peoples' possessions, as they worked on building them up. To do this, we are working at becoming the premier source for household content quantifications and settlements in the world.

Ambitious goals? Yes, we know. Want to join us?

Who we are and where we come from

We are a small, young company, but our ideas are based on solid research and significant industry experience - 17 years of it, serving over 90% of the South African insurance market. During this time SLVRCLD's founder and CEO, Christiaan, was able to identify specific market trends and started designing a product that would take the South African experience, improve on it, and then take it globally. That is the product we are building today.

With our primary interest being overseas markets, we decided to incorporate in the Netherlands, but with a global reach; to which end we designed SLVRCLD to be an "remote first" company, meaning you can work where you wish, as long as you have a fast and stable internet connection.

Our culture and why you should work with us

We are a small, no-nonsense team of people who work at getting things done. Even long term our goal is to keep the team small, ensuring that we remain a nimble, tightly connected group of people – a team more than a company.
Such a small team necessarily requires a high degree of trust as well as facilitating significant autonomy. We not only work remotely, but also very asynchronously, meaning that we rely on documentation and good engineering practice to get the job done. Besides meetings, how you spend your day is up to you, provided you get the job done.
A distinct advantage of working with a small company, and especially this early in the process, is the chance to participate in the design and construction of a product end-to-end.

Our Engineering Processes

We focus on building what makes us unique and leverage existing technologies for the rest. We also ensure that we work in small iterations and that we demo often. We follow a pragmatic approach, prioritising the delivery of working features above feature complexity.

We also ensure that delivered work is well documented, that code is easy to read and that all code is tested. These are the basics, come help us expand on this.

Flexible work schedule
Remote work
No dress code
Choose your own equipment
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon Lambda
Amazon Cognito
AWS Amplify
Amazon CloudFront
Amazon API Gateway




Amazon Route 53
Amazon SES

Business Tools

Google Apps