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Sabi is Africa’s leading technology provider of commercial infrastructure for the distribution of goods and services. Its platform enables and empowers the most underserved merchants in the world, allowing agents, merchants, aggregators, distributors, and manufacturers to expand their capabilities and grow their businesses using Sabi’s technology rails. These rails provide access to supply, logistics, business tools, data insights and financial services.

Sabi is a category agnostic B2B network for informal trade focused on accelerating the velocity of commerce by enabling stakeholders in the informal sector to access and offer value amongst each other.

We work to understand the individual needs of merchants by engaging them through different channels before connecting them to whichever service(s) that best helps them grow their business.
This could mean ensuring a great assortment of low priced goods is available to them, providing a way for them to manage inventory, or facilitating finance.

Our aim is to understand the informal economy better than anyone and help them grow in ways they haven’t before

Our interview process has the following stages:

The first interview will be a call to do a skills and personality assessment, covering both culture fit as well as technical skills

The second interview will be a technical assessment. You will have 3/4 days to complete it, and you are given 4 hours to complete it but it is normally completed in less time.

After these two steps a final decision will be made on an offer.

If you need any additional information on our interview process, please reach out to us directly.
Alternatively, please take a look at our careers page to get to know us better.

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