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RSAWEB is an established and rapidly expanding Internet Service Provider, specialising in Internet Access & Cloud Hosting Solutions.

We are pushing the boundaries of technology and our trends include automated testing, Service Orientated Architecture and continuous deployment and orchestration. We are crossing the divide between development, coding and cloud infrastructure. RSAWEB will also provide you with the opportunity to create your own path in the industry.

Why Work For Us

In short: the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a fast-paced, forward thinking ISP. We've got access to some cutting-edge technology and the freedom to explore, build and develop unique systems which employ automated testing, continuous deployment and a unique approach to our big vision. We offer the opportunity to create your own path, to carve our your own development destiny.

Our Culture

We encourage out of the box thinking- in fact, we thrive on it. We have a developer driven culture, one that focuses on empowering our engineers through creating a highly collaborative environment and by subscribing to things like Peer Review/Coding. We create situations in which individuals can openly exercise their critical faculties. We strive to enable developers to forge their own direction and that of the team’s and therefore by inference- the business. We aim to inspire on every aspect from ensuring a creative and unusual work space to ensuring that we have steady stream of exciting and interesting problems to which we apply ourselves. We employ a continuous evolution strategy by constantly re-evaluating our position to make sure that it is reflective of what we’ve learned from and in line with latest in effective trends.

Our Engineering Process

We strive to create a streamlined and effective engineering process that enables us to ship high quality awesome software. Our collaborative culture is something translates through to our style of building software, in which everything is Domain Driven.

Feature sets and Projects are given a high degree of Functional and Technical consideration prior to development, a Process in which developers are intricately involved in an effort to understand our systems and business goals in greater resolution.

Once the goals have been defined we commence development on our orchestrated development environments. After going through various automated tests and Peer review the work will be published as defined by Git-Flow, then deployed to our distributed highly available cloud environment.

Every sprint is followed by a Retrospective in which unpack the project to determine if there is room for innovation or improvement.

Our Hiring Process

We do not taking hiring lightly. We know the importance of having the right person in the right role. This is a two-way thing and we first suss out a fit in a 15 minute telephonic. After that there is a technical interview with the head of development, and finally an interview with the Director.

We are an open friendly bunch and just want to make sure that this is the right move for you and your career, as well as the right person to join our team.

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