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Cambridge Office Park, Centurion, South Africa

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What we do

At Rattlehub, we develop tools that help our customers manage their client’s personal data better. We believe in a world where data will flow seamlessly and securely between businesses and individuals to give effect to transactions.

Why Work For Us

We aim to build up a strong, world class development team focused on delivery of our core vision - managing personal data better.

Our Culture

The people that form Rattlehub are our most valued asset and we take a lot of time and effort when hiring new individuals to form part of our growing team. We strive to have highly skilled, specialists who work well in fast moving, dynamic teams that are pushing the boundaries of software technology. Everyone at Rattlehub is encouraged to push our platform thinking and provide input and ideas as to how we expand and improve the offering to our clients. Accountability is paramount in a small, dynamic team and we have one weekly goal for everyone - the sense of achievement! Our management team push all obstacles in order to provide an environment where our developers are constantly achieving their goals which creates an environment where products and services to our clients are consistently delivered on time.

Our Engineering Processes

Our product development team is afforded a very dynamic, inclusive environment where everyone has the opportunity to provide input and ideas. We follow a very focused User Experience (UX) process to our User Interface (UI) design, which is driven by Domain Driven Design (DDD) principals during the architecture and development of the core of our platform. We believe in empowering our clients to expose our product capabilities with the least amount of effort by embedding our mobile and web components into their digital assets.

Our Hiring Process

Team fit is very important to us and we work well with people that work well with people. Initially we will get together for an informal chat, with one or more of our founders, to cover why Rattlehub exists and what our products do for our clients. Finding out more about you is the goal of the session and we would like to understand what drives you as a person, both at work and in life.
Phase 2 of the process will be an in-depth session covering your skills and how we see you fitting into the development team, we will definitely cover our expectations for the role as well as get into your expectations from Rattlehub and your future. If everything works out to plan we will definitely be making an offer.

Work from home one day each week
Travel opportunities
Flexible working hours
Work with a world class team
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft Azure
.Net Core 2.0


Team Foundation Server


Google Analytics

Business Tools

Microsoft Sharepoint

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