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Posworx offers a complete and integrated Point of Sale solution that streamlines front and back office operations and helps manage your business cost-effectively, whilst giving you efficient world class stock control. Designed from the ground up with its main goal to simplify the management of your retail stores across the country and having your business operate in real time seamlessly without any delay.
Everything is real time, giving you the ability to run and maintain your retail system from anywhere in the world as well as maintaining a competitive advantage over your competitors and being able to make business critical decisions.

Posworx is a complete Point of sale solution with back office functionality available to help you manage your business. Posworx Point of Sale provides businesses with complete and integrated solutions that streamline front and back office operations. The amount of company resources that are spent trying to manage these types of systems can be very intimidating; with Posworx we have made it simple and very effective. Posworx data is Live in every aspect of your business everything from your stock to your reports.

Anything that is done at store level gets synced to Head office in real time and everything from head office that is relevant to a store/s is synced back in real time. Posworx can be hosted in the cloud and run from any location which makes it ideal for companies that have a small or big chain of stores and need to keep their overheads low. Posworx Interactive Reports will help you analyze your data simply and interactively.

Posworx Mobile is designed to run on Windows Ce devices and is packed with features to ensure the business functions more effectively and seamlessly. Posworx Mobile is our complete wireless solution to help your business.

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