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23 Quantum Road, Technopark, Stellenbosch

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Who we are

Polymorph is a mobile product development company that helps clients and partners build innovative solutions to real problems. We focus on problems in the Fintech and IoT fields.

New technology and innovation are core to what we like to do. Our clients don't just want a copy of something that already exists, we're always solving exciting new problems. We know how to build products in the right way.

What we do

  • Lean product development - concept to market
  • User experience design
  • User testing
  • Visual design
  • Native, hybrid and HTML5 development on iOS and Android

Why Work For Us

  • You get to tackle interesting problems in a supportive and innovative culture.
  • You will be given ownership of problems, not told what solutions to implement.
  • You will be trusted and given the freedom to produce something you are proud of.
  • You get to work on a variety of different products.

Our Culture

We have a culture of trust and ownership. We work remotely most of the time (remote first), trusting people and measuring performance on what is produced rather than time spent in a chair. We value innovation and experimentation, and we believe that failure is not an unfortunate byproduct of innovation, but at the core of true innovation. It is how we learn. We have a no-blame culture and solve problems by looking at the root causes and putting measures in place to prevent that from happening in the future, rather than blaming people.

Our Design Processes

We follow an iterative design process that engages cross-disciplinary teams made up of designers, developers, client representatives, potential users and other experts. We aim to empower individuals to engage with both UI and UX problems to find the best solutions for the specific product. We focus strongly on putting users at the centre of design solutions.

Our Engineering Processes

  • Iteratively build, test and improve.
  • Agile in everything we do.
  • Deliver in cross-functional teams consisting of designers and developers.
  • Continuous delivery of products to the client and users.
  • Automated testing on unit and UI level.
  • We use git and standard distributed SCM practices.
  • We use the latest IDEs, frameworks and libraries for development.

Our Hiring Process

We have an initial chat to get to know more about you as a person and for you to get to know more about us.

Then we want to see how we fit together on a technical level. We try to find out how you will fit in with our team and processes. To do that we try and create a situation that is as close as possible to a real project scenario if you were working here. We put you in a team with some of our current developers and give the team a problem to solve. Then we see how the team works together and what your contribution is to the team's solution. This takes place over two sessions of 2 hours each, with a week or 2 between sessions for you to spend some time on the problem if you'd like. In the second session the team reviews their solution together.

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