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2 Francis Street, Zonnebloem

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Areas Of Expertise

  1. Innovation & Business Transformation: digital strategy, innovation, product & service design, mobile & web applications, websites and micro-sites, interactive design, user experience design
  2. Ventures: Assisting start-ups in getting to a MVP, prototyping, self-initiated ventures, investment in start-ups, partnerships
  3. Digital Marketing: social media, eCRM, content creation, influencer engagement, community building

Why Join Our Team

We could babble on here and use words all the typical buzz words in our industry. The truth of the matter is most good companies offer you lunch, beer, foosball, and flexible working hours.

While we offer those things too, we're focused on purpose. It's human nature to want to feel a sense of purpose in the work we do, and we do this by ensuring that we are adding value to people's lives through our work.

We believe in collaboration, transparency and innovation. This is entrenched through weekly sharing sessions, training, prototyping, experimentation, a flat line-structure and continuously challenging the status quo.

If you're looking to develop your skills and career, be part of a team where you help determine deadlines and client expectations alongside PM's, experience new technologies, have purpose in the work you do and be a part of a no-politics, relaxed but professional working environment, then that's us.

Culture & Values

  • Attention to detail matters at every level. Nothing leaves our hands until we are satisfied that it meets the highest standards of craft we demand.
  • We don’t subscribe to rigid hierarchies, we are all involved in the work.
  • We focus on growing skills and capabilities to keep our swords sharp. Every learning, every piece of knowledge gained is the foundation for something new, something better.

Our Development Process

Our main mantra when it comes to our development process is for it to aid us on the way, instead of it getting in the way.

We recognise that the tech industry is constantly evolving and that our process should be too, so we encourage team members of all levels to have their say in how we can improve it.

We don't abide by one methodology, but use a combination of project management processes depending on the project. Generally, we use a mix of Agile and Waterfall processes, and determine sprint cycles from there.

  • We begin all our projects the same way, with a kick off meeting involving team members of all disciplines. During our kick offs we like to discuss overview of the project and get everybody's opinions on whether we're all comfortable we're planning the best execution we can.

  • During our design process we like to have regular designer/developer meetings. This ensures our developers stay up to date with the vision for the final product as well as being able to assist with technical advice.

  • We like our developers to make their own (informed) choices about the way they build their work. If you've come across a fresh new SASS architecture you'd like to try out, go ahead. A new CMS framework that appears to solve many of our past headaches, lets do it.

  • During development we like to have regular status meetings so that everyone on the project stays up to date with progress, this also allows us to nip any issues in the bud. Apart from that, the project development is in your hands.

  • Lastly we do rigorous QA to ensure the final product is just as we had envisioned.

How To Join Our Team

  1. We have a face-to-face meeting to gauge your experience, but more importantly to see if we're a good fit for each other
  2. We send you a quick technical assessment to gauge your skills
  3. We make you an offer to join the team, which hopefully you accept
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Flexible working hours
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