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1 Park Lane, 39 Wierda Road West

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What we do

Peregrine Capital was founded in 1998 and is the longest-running hedge fund manager in South Africa. We have been there from the beginning, helping to protect and grow the wealth of our clients.

We have built an exceptional team of investment professionals who are solely focused on refining our investment process each day, to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients. Our process is built on the foundations of honesty, integrity and an unerring pursuit of the truth so that investment decisions are based on facts rather than feelings.

We understand that the disciplined and consistent application of our investment process will result in the generation of superior returns for our investors over the medium term. We analyse businesses and determine what we think they are worth. We buy shares that we believe are undervalued and sell those that we believe are overvalued. Consistent outperformance can only be achieved through superior knowledge of companies and their securities, not through attempts at predicting what is in store for the economy, currencies, interest rates or the overall level of markets. We embrace situations that are complicated, difficult to analyse or that require considerable effort, as this often gives us an edge against competitors.

Why Work For Us

We plan on being the largest Hedge Fund in South Africa. We will be building out some great applications and we need developers and engineers to help us do this. You will get the chance to build some great projects from the ground up. This includes web and mobile applications.1

Our Culture

We try to find the best people that we can and then give them the freedom to do what they are best at. We have a very loose management style and expect people to be self motivated and driven. Our business is doing well and will be growing fast in the next couple of years. We are known for promoting internally and rewarding our employees well.

Our Engineering Processes

We are a financial services company and need to adhere to certain requirements. We believe in starting small and learning fast. The agile methodology is baked into our process, we prefer to deliver small outputs frequently and then get user feedback to see what works and what doesn't.

We have a meritocratic environment where everyone gets a say. If you can make a convincing argument, using data to change the direction of something then that will change the process.

Our Hiring Process

We do a high level screen of candidates to find the most suitable ones. We don't expect you to know everything that you need from the start, but we are looking for people that are eager to learn when needed. Candidates complete a technical screening test to assess their suitability for a role. We also do a logical reasoning test, which is completed by everyone in the company. We conduct a technical interview with the team and the hiring manager and a culture fit interview to get different perspectives.

We have a generous compensation structure
We also have good long term incentives to reward employees over the long run and not based on their relationship with their manager
We provide education and training to meet your needs
We offer free lunch in our Johannesburg office
Our business is small in terms of number of employees. Your input will matter and make an impact
We supply the newest hardware and whatever software you require to get your work done
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Microsoft Azure
React Native
Amazon Lambda
Amazon Web Services


Android Studio


Google Analytics
Power BI

Business Tools

Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Teams