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6th Floor, Guarantee House, 37 Burg Street, Cape Town, Western Cape 8001, ZA

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What we do

Paper Video is a social enterprise that creates and distributes educational resources. The enterprise was founded by Chris Mills and Paul Maree in 2014.

We create video resources for high school students, that are available both online and offline. These resources are further connected in a self-directed learning workflow, allowing teachers and learners to access the exact content they need, when they need it.

Our Mission

One of the biggest obstacles faced by many students in our country is the lack of access to quality educators.

At Paper Video, we use technology and innovation to overcome this obstacle by dramatically increasing the reach of excellent teachers. We have done so through the creation of educational resources that allow every student in South Africa to have easy access to quality tuition in the subjects they struggle with most.

Our Unique Resources

We currently offer books of past exam papers in the subjects of Accounting, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Natural Sciences across Grades 8 to 12.

What makes our resources unique is that every exam question and lesson worksheet is linked to a video lesson taught by an experienced teacher, showing you how to go through the problem, step-by-step.

It's like having your own personal teacher on call, 24/7! Any time. Any place.

What's more, we have innovated methods that allow students to access our full resources, even if they don't have an internet connection or have access to data. This is via our app integrated microSD cards.

Paper Video is the biggest collection of education videos in South Africa, with over 13,000 videos to date.

Why Work For Us

We are making the power of private tutoring accessible to all South African's. Education should not be luxury for those who can afford it. We bring the SA's best teachers together to create high quality, engaging content that motivates learners to reach their full potential, irrespective of their social and economic circumstances.

Our Culture

Relaxed and pragmatic.
High expectation of all team members to take ownership of their roles and excel at them, or communicate why they cannot.
Communication is open and redundancy is encouraged (confirming, reiterating and validating assumptions).
If someone in the team faces an obstacle, they need to identify and communicate it the the rest of the team.
We encourage data driven testing of new ideas. We don't mind failure in such cases, as long as it is a new failure.

Our Engineering Processes

Our development is outsourced.
We are looking for someone to take over the management of that relationship and build our in-house team.

Our Hiring Process

We conduct a series of three interview:


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Culture fit

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