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At Operativa, we are dedicated to empowering software teams to deliver the best possible products efficiently and reliably. Our platform-level solutions are designed to help engineers focus on high-level design and innovation, while reducing the amount of code needed to achieve specific functionality. Our mission is to make software development more efficient, so teams can build better products faster.

We believe in delivering the best possible solutions to our customers within business constraints, taking ownership of our work and striving for technical excellence. We are accountable for our actions and committed to mentoring and developing our team. We build trust through transparent and honest communication, and value simplicity and curiosity in all that we do. We are adaptable and thrive in a collaborative environment.

Why Operativa?

At Operativa delivery is your currency, as long as you deliver business impact regularly your role will be as flexible as you want it to be. Should you ever struggle with this goal you'll have the entire Operativa team at your back working with you to help you grow and deliver impact.

Usually you'd find a checklist of things like "We are remote", "Free coffee" and the like in this section of a job spec.
If there's a perk or process that's going to make you a more effective engineer then you can rest assured we'll provide it as far as we viably can as a business and were we can't as a business we'll likely adjust your compensation so you can provide it to yourself.

And yes, we are remote-first (we have a small office in CPT should you ever need to get away for a bit or need a meeting room).

Our Hiring Process

Generally you're going to be working in 4 stages with us

  • Phone screen (30 - 60 mins)
    A 30 - 60 minute phone/video call to gauge if there's any alignment/synergy between us.
    We'll also be setting expectations for the rest of the interview process and get a good idea of what you're going to
    need to be successful.

  • Technical (60 - 180 mins)
    Based off of our phone screen we'll tailor a technical session of 60 - 180 mins to work towards your strengths.
    The format we prefer is that you present a piece of code/software you built in the past and we talk through it's design
    and try to make a change together. Unless you very explicitly specify a computer science background we won't be
    doing any DS/Algo quizzes here.

  • Meet the team (30 - 240 mins)
    You'll get the opportunity to meet some of your future colleagues and see what it's like to actually work on the
    project you're likely to start with us on. This also gives our team the opportunity to get a better feel for what day to
    day will look like with you.

  • Final negotiations (30+ mins)
    We'll present you with an offer and our Executive team will be available to negotiate the nitty gritty with you and hash
    out your ideal working agreement.

Mountain views
Showers on site
Mac M1 Pro
Full remote
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Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon Lambda
Amazon CloudFront
Amazon API Gateway
Amazon Web Services
Entity Framework


New Relic
Azure DevOps
VS Code

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