About Octobase


678 Klipbank street, Wingate Park, Pretoria

Company Size


What we do

We create consumer products that make it easy for the man (or woman) on the street to interact with blockchain services and keep their cryptocurrency secure, without having to trust a central institution.

Why Work For Us

Our team is a strengths based team with each team member bringing the best of their skills to the table. A bunch of champions, looking to add another champion to our team. For a consumer product centred startup, the first few hires are extremely important, and these early hires go on to play pivotal roles in successful startups.

Our Culture

We’re a startup, as startup as it gets, with a bunch of people that come from a long line of various startups. Additionally, since we’re product centric, we have long term vision, rather than shorter term mandates to keep corporate clients happy. We have a passion for development and take pride in our skills and value people that also take pride in their work. For us learning and building a product is a form of play, and we try to keep this “playing” in a direction that ends up in deliverables, with each team member bringing their respective strengths to the table.

Interview Process

  1. We'll ask you a few (mostly non-technical) questions in the chat or over email, and answer any immediate questions you might have.
  2. If we like what we see, and you like what you see, we'll arrange an in person interview within a few days of first contact. We'll ask you a bit more about yourself, tell you about us, and ask you some technical questions based on some of your previous experience.
  3. Within a week after the interview, should you make the shortlist of candidates, we'll organise an informal lunch with you and the team, after this if you think you want to work with us and vice versa we'll extend you an offer of employment.

We'll let you know immediately should you have been unsuccessful.

Flexible Hours
Work from home/remote (if you want) several times a week
Work space divided into a brainstorming area and a quiet/concentration space where you won't be interrupted
No dress code, no meetings with clients
Product centric, not project centric. Work on something planned for longevity
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft Azure
Google App Engine


Android Studio


Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps
Planning is key.
Standing desk, or just seated. Whatever ergonomics work for you.
Don't worry, you get to choose your own chair preference ;-)
Executive Lounge ;-)

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