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Genesis Retail Software

What we do

Genesis Retail Software is an ERP business software company that provides comprehensive ERP systems with cashbook, chart of accounts, and General Ledger. We offer custom fit solutions for businesses, including cloud backups, onsite support, and more. Our software solutions cater to a wide range of sectors including but not limited to Software, Publishers, Information, Publishing, Computer Programming, Professional Services, Computers, E-commerce, Information Technology & Services, SAAS, B2C, and B2B.

Why Work For Us

Genesis Retail Software, founded in 1996, is a well-established company in the Information Technology sector, specifically in the Internet Software & Services industry. We are looking for dynamic individuals to join our team of 5 employees. Despite being a small team, we have a large impact in our sector and offer a potential growth opportunity for individuals who join us.

Our Culture

Located in South Africa, Genesis Retail Software operates in the Africa/Johannesburg timezone. We are a private company with a focus on creating an inclusive and dynamic work culture. We value diversity, innovation, and personal growth.

Our Engineering Processes

Our engineering process is robust and efficient. We use a range of technologies such as Wordpress, Apache, Recaptcha, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Our tech categories include Content Management System, Web Servers, Authentication Services, Analytics, and Tag Management.

Our Hiring Processes

At Genesis Retail Software, we have a thorough hiring process that ensures we select the best candidates for our team. We value skills, experience, and cultural fit in our potential employees. We believe in investing in our employees and ensuring they have the resources they need to succeed.