About Morae


1000 Louisiana Street, Houston, United States

Company Size


What We Do

Morae Global Corporation is a trusted provider of digital and business solutions for the legal industry. Founded in 2015, we offer a full range of services including law department management consulting, legal assistance, paralegal services, notary, and professional services. We are a B2B SAAS enterprise, and our technology stack includes Google Tag Manager, Microsoft Exchange Online, Outlook, Apache HTTP Server, Wrike, SAP Concur, Microsoft Project, Oracle CRM, Oracle PeopleSoft, Salesforce, and more.

Why Work For Us

At Morae, we thrive in times of change and enable our clients to do the same with our technology-enabled solutions. We are a growing company with an estimated annual revenue of $100M-$250M and a team of 900 professionals. We are located at Wells Fargo Plaza, 1000 Louisiana St, Houston, TX 77002, USA, operating in the Central Time Zone.

Our Culture

Our culture is centered around our commitment to the legal industry. We are a team of seasoned professionals, dedicated to providing the best digital and business solutions. We believe in the power of technology and innovation, and we encourage our team to continuously learn and grow. Our presence is global, with followers and connections worldwide on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our Engineering Processes

Our engineering process is driven by the latest technologies in the market. We utilize tools like Google Tag Manager, Microsoft Exchange Online, Outlook, Apache HTTP Server, Wrike, and more. Our tech categories include tag management, email hosting service, web servers, project management software, accounting and finance, productivity, CRM, business management, marketing automation, security, and database.

Our Hiring Processes

At Morae, we seek professionals who are passionate about the legal industry and technology. Our hiring process is thorough and ensures that we select the best talent to join our team. We value diversity and believe that our strength lies in our differences. If you're looking to thrive in a technology-driven, innovative environment, Morae could be the place for you.